Viral Video Shows An Auto-Rickshaw In The Streets Of California; Netizens Say “Kidhar Jaana Hai? Nahi Jayega.”

Fancy an auto-rickshaw ride in California?

by Nikitha Sebastian
Viral Video Shows An Auto-Rickshaw In The Streets Of California; Netizens Say “Kidhar Jaana Hai? Nahi Jayega.”

The humble auto-rickshaw, a three-wheeled wonder synonymous with Indian streets, has found itself in an unlikely location – California. A viral video posted on Instagram on April 29th shows a black and yellow auto-rickshaw cruising down a street in Artesia, California.

From Indian Streets To Californian Sunshine


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The sight is certainly a head-turner. In India, auto-rickshaws are a ubiquitous form of public transport, known for their affordability and ability to navigate bustling city streets. But in California, with its wide avenues and established taxi and ride-sharing services, the auto-rickshaw becomes a novelty.

The brief video provides a glimpse of the auto making its way along a sun-drenched street, palm trees swaying gently in the background. It sparks a question – would you take an auto-rickshaw ride in California?

There’s a certain charm to the idea. Auto-rickshaw rides in India are an experience in themselves. The open sides offer a unique perspective of the city, the constant hum of the engine a familiar soundtrack to many. For visitors, it’s a chance to experience a slice of local life, a fun and colourful way to get around.

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The Question Of Practicality

Image Credit: Canva (Representative Image)

However, in the context of California, practicality comes into play. Auto-rickshaws, designed for navigating crowded cities, might not be the most comfortable option on California’s open roads. They typically lack seatbelts and air conditioning, features most Californians would expect in their rides. Additionally, regulations and safety standards for such vehicles might not be readily established.

So, while the novelty of an auto-rickshaw ride in California holds undeniable appeal, its practicality remains to be seen. Perhaps it could find a niche as a quirky tourist attraction, offering short, scenic rides in designated areas. It would undoubtedly be a memorable way for visitors to experience a unique piece of Indian culture.

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The viral video has certainly sparked a conversation. User comments range from “Much needed public transport in US!!” To “HOW DID I MISS THIS.” Whether auto-rickshaws become a regular sight on Californian streets remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure – the sight of that black and yellow vehicle cruising down a sunny Californian street is a reminder of the global influence of transportation and the unexpected ways cultures can intersect.

Cover Image Courtesy: @manoharsrawat/ Instagram

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