China Has A Dalifornia, Its Very Own California Full Of Backpackers, Tourists & Techies

Dali, a city in China, pays homage to California with its nickname, Dalifornia

by Ankita Mazumdar
China Has A Dalifornia, Its Very Own California Full Of Backpackers, Tourists & Techies

China has a city named Dalifornia. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Is it the lost sister of California across oceans and borders? Well, not really but the city is nicknamed to pay homage to California. From gorgeous mountains to limitless greenery to glistening Erhai Lake, this city in China has everything to offer. The scenes of Dalifornia look like they have been painted by some renowned artists, and you are there to view the masterpiece!

China’s Dalifornia Is Becoming A Hotspot For Many Reasons

Dali is a city in South-West China, nicknamed Dalifornia. Through this nickname, Dali pays homage to the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s California. The similarities are the picturesque scenes everywhere you go that evoke a sense of easy living, full of bountiful nature and sun-soaked afternoons. However, there are huge differences between these cities. One of them is that California is madly expensive and Dali is cheap, as it is a Chinese mountain city, the opposite of glitz and glam.

Dalifornia is a very quaint place in China and recently, more and more people from the country and even from outside China are flocking here. It has been quite busy for the last couple of years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which resulted in work going into remote or offline mode. Thus, many techies in China have shifted their bases to Dalifornia.

There are many pros, like living a slow life away from the hustle and bustle of megacities, the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains, the shimmering Erhai Lake against the sunset, a non-political environment, and importantly, the low cost of living. The techies are making more money while spending less and enjoying a slice of heaven in Dalifornia.

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Soon To Be A Popular Tourist Destination In China?

Dalifornia is not just attracting tech employees but also backpackers, artists and travellers. The reasons behind this are the picturesque surroundings and the cheap cost of living. It still retains its old-town charm and the history of the Bai ethnic minority, who resided there for centuries. Dalifornia is also very welcoming to unemployed people who can make a living here.

Aside from offering great places and natural wonders to tourists here, this city is also known for healing. There are various options for healing, like yoga, camping trips and even coffee shops. Yes, there are cute coffee shops in Dalifornia that offer you healing for your soul and mind. Wanna get healed with a side of beautiful scenery? Come to Dalifornia!

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Did you know that a city named Dalifornia existed until now?

Cover Image Credits: X/azlanghanimemon and ZhengguanCN

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