Can There Be A Most Dangerous Tea? Maybe! This Teahouse At 7000 Ft. In China Serves It

by Ankita Mazumdar
Can There Be A Most Dangerous Tea? Maybe! This Teahouse At 7000 Ft. In China Serves It

It is always tea o’clock somewhere. Calling out to all the tea connoisseurs in the world, do you know about the most dangerous tea ever? What lengths are you willing to go to have a cup of tea or even several cups of tea? This place in China serves up the most dangerous rocky tea experience for you. You have to put in extra effort to reach the spot though. Remember, the reward is a warm cup of tea! Read on to discover about this out-of-the-world teahouse.

Most Dangerous Tea At 7000 Ft. In China

Huashan Teahouse
Image Credits: Canva

Get ready to enjoy and sweat it out as well for this unique yet most dangerous tea experience at 7000 ft. above sea level in China. Tea experiences are supposedly soul-satisfying experiences. Huashan Teahouse is nested at the top of Mount Hua, China and gives a rather thrilling and spine-chilling experience.

Huashan Teahouse used to be a temple, and now it is popular for serving tea and food 7000 ft. above sea level. The dangerous part isn’t the tea that they are serving here. The tea is quite nice, refreshing, and rewarding after defying a near-death situation.

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The dangerous part is the journey to the top of the hilly mountain terrain and steep steps. Hence, Huashan Teahouse is tagged as serving the most dangerous tea.

The Journey To The Center Of Teahouse

Huashan Teahouse
Image Credits: Canva

The mountain range of Mount Hua has multiple temples, and millions of dedicated religious pilgrims take trips to these temples for blessing. So, determined devotees generally have a reason to embark on this hilly journey.

It is almost a two-hour trek, and the stairs carved into the mountain range are without any guardrails. So, only thrill seekers and determined devotees plan to reach the top. After all the hardship, you get rewarded with TEA. Take a deep breath and let your eyes gaze over the beautiful view and that you finally made it.

Not to forget that China is widely known for herbal tea so you won’t be disappointed. Head over to sip your hot tea which is made from the water streams of the mountain. It will be all worth it.

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Tea is an emotion, tea will be a heightened emotion when it is enjoyed at 7000 ft. above sea level.

Cover Image Credits: Canva