Roasted Milk Tea Video Goes Viral; Netizens Say, “Chai Ke Saath Masti Nahi Karne Ka”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Roasted Milk Tea Video Goes Viral; Netizens Say, “Chai Ke Saath Masti Nahi Karne Ka”

Tea is that one word that can instantly bring a huge smile to every Indian’s face. We Indians love our tea, and every person has his or her own unique way of making it. Some like it the classic Mumbai style—malai marke—while others like the proper masala tea. And we cannot hear anything bad about our tea! But a video featuring ‘roasted milk tea’ is going viral, and netizens are like, “Aata majhi satakli!

Roasted Milk Tea Video Goes Viral


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I am sure you must have tried many varieties of tea in India or overseas. While some vary in taste, colour, texture, many vary in their style of making. Drinking tea refreshes our mind and puts us in a good mood. This video actually made netizens say, “Tauba Tauba sara mood kharab kar dia.” 

An Instagram account, @food_madness__ shared a reel on the social media platform. The reel featured a person making tea in the most unique way. The person roasted tea powder, sugar, and crushed cardamom. 

The sugar then gradually melts and mixes with all the ingredients. After this, milk is added to the pan. The tea is then strained into a cup and served. 

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Not Acceptable!


The video posted by @food_madness__ is from Bengaluru and has by far garnered over 13 million views on Instagram. It has received over 9,649,218 views. 

This unique way of making tea by dry roasting all the ingredients did not go well with netizens. Most of the netizens found it very disgusting and asked the maker to try not making such weird recipes. 

Another user commented, “Chai Ke Saath Masti Nahi Karne Ka,” which can be loosely translated as “Do not mess with my tea.” The comments section was filled with tea enthusiasts expressing their utmost disapproval of this recipe. 

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Will you try this?

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