Hyderabad Is Now Home To A New ‘Restaurant On Wheels’ At Necklace Road; Second In Telangana

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hyderabad Is Now Home To A New ‘Restaurant On Wheels’ At Necklace Road; Second In Telangana

The South Central Railway (SCR) zone’s Secunderabad division on Monday launched a ‘Rail Coach Restaurant’ in Hyderabad. The new restaurant was opened on the premises of the Necklace Road railway station in Hyderabad. After the ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ was previously introduced on the grounds of Kacheguda Railway Station, this is the second such coach restaurant in Telangana.

Hyderabad Is Now Home To A New ‘Restaurant On Wheels

The restaurant is launched with the knowledge that Necklace Road is one of the busiest rail stations in the twin cities’ network of suburbs. To give the passengers a special eating experience, one underused coach has undergone a complete renovation with modern and attractive décor. 

Boomerang Restaurant in Hyderabad has been given a five-year contract to maintain the “Rail Coach Restaurant.” 

This multi-cuisine restaurant has been established in the abandoned space in the circulation area, giving both rail passengers and members of the general public access to dining options.

There will be a variety of hygienic and high-quality food and beverage alternatives available to rail passengers, commuters, and the general public. It will serve Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, and Mughlai cuisine. (As per Siasat)

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Standardised Experiences Across The Nation

Restaurant on Wheels will provide both a dining area and a takeout option. Arun Kumar Jain, general manager of SCR, urged the public and rail users visit this restaurant. He asked them to take advantage of the opportunity to see firsthand the innovative initiative being implemented by the railways. 

In the twin city area, he claimed, food aficionados in Hyderabad will have another unique food service alternative, and he urged residents and rail customers to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the innovative effort. 


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Boogie Wogie, India’s first 24-hour restaurant, was established by Indian Railways in CSMT, with a second location in Nagpur. The restaurant on wheels was a great success since the public enjoyed and embraced the concept. 

This had prompted Indian Railways to establish additional such restaurants in Mumbai, Pune, and other cities in India. All of these restaurants promise to offer standardized experiences to all the people in various cities. (As per Siasat)

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