China Relaxes Visa Rules For Indian Travellers Temporarily; Changes, Application & More Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
China Relaxes Visa Rules For Indian Travellers Temporarily; Changes, Application & More Inside

Thinking of visiting China? Well, an important news article was released by the Chinese Embassy in India. This will benefit Indian tourists who are planning trips to China. They have made some temporary changes to visa requirements, giving Indian travelers some much-needed comfort and flexibility. Until December 31, 2023, these modifications will be in force. What are these changes? Keep reading to know!

China Relaxes Visa Rules For Indian Travellers

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According to the new regulations by China, qualified candidates who are applying for Chinese visas for a variety of purposes will no longer be required to submit biometric information. The purpose can be anything, including transit, short-term family visits, business, and tourism. 

The new change makes the application procedure simpler for Indian visitors by removing the requirement for biometrics.

Particularly for some groups who fall between the ages of 14 and 70, this action will prove advantageous. This exemption also applies to anyone whose fingerprints have recently been taken by the Chinese Embassy or whose fingerprints are deemed “uncollectable.” (as per Times Travel)

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Usual Online Procedure

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To ensure they have access to the most recent information and advice, the Chinese Embassy in India has recommended applicants get in touch with the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi.

It’s crucial for Indian travellers who want to visit China to adhere to the usual online visa application procedure. This entails presenting photocopies of pertinent passport pages, submitting passport-sized photos, and providing documentation to support their residency and employment status, in addition to having a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. 

The cost of an Indian traveller’s Chinese visa varies according to the type of visa needed and the length of the visa’s validity. Usually, it falls between ₹3,800 and ₹7,800. (as per Times Travel)

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