After McDonald’s, Burger King Is Set To Remove Tomatoes From Their Burgers And Wraps!

by Shreya Rathod
After McDonald’s, Burger King Is Set To Remove Tomatoes From Their Burgers And Wraps!

India has seen a tremendous rise in tomato prices in the last few days. In fact, they have completely disappeared from household kitchens, restaurants and streets! McDonald’s, a Quick Service Restaurant chain, had to scrap the ingredient given the price rise. And now, Burger King is going to remove tomatoes too!

Burger King To Remove Tomatoes From Their Wraps & Burgers!

burger king tomatoes
Credits: Burger King/ Facebook

After costs more than doubled, Burger King has removed tomatoes from their wraps and burgers in numerous Indian locations. This is the latest sign of the escalating food inflation that is severely impacting consumers in the country with the highest population. As per notices pasted at two Burger King India outlets, tomatoes also need a vacation and they are unable to add tomatoes to their food. The chain claimed quality problems as the reason for the deficiency.

With nearly 400 locations, the largest burger chain in India has joined many McDonald’s and Subway restaurants in removing tomatoes from their menus as food inflation in India this week reached its highest level since January 2020. The monsoon rains, which interrupted agricultural and supply lines, coincided with the tomato supply problem, causing prices to rise by as much as 450 per cent to record highs.

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On the help section of Burger King India’s website, there is a query that asks why there are no tomatoes in their burgers. In the response, it is said that the Indian franchisee upholds very high standards of quality and that tomatoes will return shortly.

Prices Have Increased For Everything!

burger king tomatoes
Credits: Canva

Burger King’s Indian operator, Restaurant Brands Asia, does not comment. The suffering is growing as this week’s release of retail inflation figures for July revealed a 37 per cent increase in vegetable prices over the previous year. Everything from peas and onions to ginger and garlic has increased in price. Restaurants would eventually have to raise their pricing and there isn’t any other choice.

The price shocks present a dilemma for the government ahead of a national election next year, in addition to putting pressure on the margins of multinational chains competing in India’s fast-food restaurant business.

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In order to address the supply shortage, India has begun importing tomatoes from Nepal and has organised vans to transport the essentials across the country at lower prices.

Cover Image Courtesy: Burger King/ Facebook & Canva