Air India Express To Lease 2 Boeing 737 Planes From Cousin Vistara As Winter Sets In

by Sanmita A
Air India Express To Lease 2 Boeing 737 Planes From Cousin Vistara As Winter Sets In

Air India Express will be leasing two Boeing 737 planes from the frontrunner of commercial flights in India, Vistara. Both the flight companies are a part of the Tata group. AI Express has decided to operate more flights during the winter season, which is why it has decided to lease the two Boeing aircraft. As per reports, the two Vistara aircraft will stay with Air India Express from November to December. Read on to learn more about the flights:

Air India Express To Lease Aircrafts From Vistara

Air India Vistara

Air India Express and Vistara both belong to the Tata group. Also, AirAsia India and Air India belong to the Tata group. The services will start from October 20, 2022, which they have leased from the flight company, Vistara. A report on Money Control states that Air India Express had not induced any new aircraft into its fleet for a long time. After the privatisation, there have been efforts to strengthen the operations of Express flight company. Hence, Air India Express has decided to lease flights from Vistara and not venture out to other groups.

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Flight Operations

The AI Express has flights to different international destinations connecting 21 Indian cities. Currently, Air India Express has 24 flights functioning to these destinations. As for Vistara, the company has five Boeing 737 aircraft in its entire fleet. In the year 2020, one of the Air India Express met with a crash in Kerala. The company is also inducting more aircraft into its fleet. Earlier, the Vinod Kannan-headed airline company had offered its exclusive club members selected getaways. These packages have been designed to give the members an extraordinary experience that would want to share and talk about.

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