Air India Misfortune Continues, Drunk Passenger Pees On A Woman’s Blanket On Paris-Delhi Flight

by Shreya Ghosh
Air India Misfortune Continues, Drunk Passenger Pees On A Woman’s Blanket On Paris-Delhi Flight

Air India is making headlines for the last couple of days because of the horrible incident of a drunk male passenger urinating on a woman passenger. And this time two more incidents are coming to light that happened on 6 December 2022. On Flight AI-142 to New Delhi flying from Paris, a male passenger peed on a woman’s vacant seat and blanket while she went to the lavatory. Another incident happened on the same flight when an inebriated man smoked inside the washroom.

DGCA Sent A Cause Notice To Air India

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a cause notice to Air India on 9 January as the airline failed to report these incidents. It stated both these incidents that happened on 6 December. It was mentioned in the notice that the airline did not make any report about these incidents until “DGCA sought the incident report from them on 05.01.2023”, as stated in the notice to the airline. Air India responded to the notice by mail on 6 January. DGCA responded that the “response of the airline has been lackadaisical and delayed”.

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Hard Time Continues For The TATA-Owned Airline

DGCA issued the cause notice to the accountable manager of the airline. The notice was sent to state the reason why they should not take any enforcement action against Air India. They did not follow the rules and regulations accordingly. The watchdog has provided the airline with 2 weeks for submitting their reply. The notice stated that the aviation regulator will take further steps if Air India fails to submit its reply.

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DGCA also mentioned in the statement that an internal committee will take the decision against these accused passengers. They might be banned for a lifetime too, but nothing is specified yet. And for the airline, the rules are that every concerned airline should need to inform DGCA about such unruly passengers within less than 12 hours of landing at the destination.

With the urination incident in November and these two episodes in December, Air India is facing a series of misfortunes and unfortunate episodes. It is only a matter of some days to see how everything turns out.

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