Day Late, Missed Flights, No Screen Or Water In Toilet; French Passenger Shares Air India Ordeal

by Sanjana Shenoy
Day Late, Missed Flights, No Screen Or Water In Toilet; French Passenger Shares Air India Ordeal

Air India is currently on the news for all the wrong reasons. With the pee-gate scandal of a drunk man peeing on an elderly woman mid-air on an Air India flight taking over headlines, passengers are having second thoughts about boarding the airline. And now, a French passenger took to Facebook to share his sheer ordeal flying on Air India. Here’s more about it.

French Passenger Shares Horrible Experience Flying Air India

Loic Sanlaville, a French national flew on Air India from Paris to Mumbai with transit in Delhi on January 6. Here’s what happened. The French passenger took to Facebook to give a detailed account of his harrowing experience. He stated that on reaching the Paris airport, his flight to Delhi was cancelled. After making passengers wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes a bus drove them to the airport. Finally, he flew the day after but on an aircraft that didn’t have screen reading lights or even water in the toilet.

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Missed Flight, Lost Baggage & The Issues Continue

As luck would have it, Loic Sanlaville missed his connecting flight from Delhi. So, he had no choice but to spend 6 hours at Delhi airport without food or even a bed. But after 6 hours of waiting he received an email from Air India informing him about the change of gate. So, he had to cross the entire airport to travel from gate 27 to gate 52.  He finally reached Mumbai airport but his bags didn’t. After reaching his destination, the French passenger spent the rest of the day haggling with authorities about his luggage.

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Later when the bags arrived, the passenger asked them to deliver them to his address instead of making him come all the way to the airport. Fortunately, they did. Loic Sanlaville stated that Air India was a good company in the past. But the lack of aircraft maintenance and concern for customers has made it the company to avoid.

Well, what do you think about his awful experience flying Air India? Is there hope?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons