Air India Urination Incident: Drunk Male Passenger Felt He Was In Trouble; Co-passenger Shares His Account

by Shreya Ghosh
Air India Urination Incident: Drunk Male Passenger Felt He Was In Trouble; Co-passenger Shares His Account

You must have already heard of the horrendous incident of an inebriated male passenger urinating on an old woman co-passenger and exposing himself in front of her. This incident took place on 26 November 2022 on an Air India flight flying from New York to Delhi. Named Shankar Mishra, the drunk passenger understood what a horrible thing he did on the plane while he was sobering up and he even felt that he was going to be in a trouble soon. With every passing day, new news of this fiasco is coming to the limelight and this time the co-passenger of Shankar Mishra talked to the Times Of India about the incident.

Co-passenger Of The Drunk Man Passenger Spoke About The Air India Fiasco

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Sugata Bhattacharjee was sitting in seat 8A in the first row, beside Shanka Mishra sitting in seat 8C. Mr. Bhattacharya shared with TOI how the drunk passenger drank 4 glasses of single-malt whiskey during lunch only. Bhattacharjee felt like Mishra might have drunk before as he was looking quite intoxicated. He was bound to inform a male purse that his co-passenger was drunk and asked them to stop providing him with alcohol.

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Bhattacharjee fell asleep when the drunk male urinated on the old woman, but he saw everything that happened afterward. He talked about how the cabin crew forced the victim to talk to the inebriated man so that she can apologise to him.

Sugata Bhattacharjee Also Made A Complaint About The Incident

Bhattacharjee also shared how he wanted a complaint book from the cabin crew to write his protest about how the crew managed the incident. Instead, he was provided with only a paper to note. He wrote in his two-page complaint about how he found Mishra falling on him after waking up.

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He shared how he was bothered seeing the Captain take almost 2 hours to give the victim passenger a fresh seat even after having vacant seats in the first class. Though he was a bit bothered by the Captain’s behaviour, he also praised the two cabin crew who helped the woman to clean up after the fiasco.

Bhattacharjee is flying with Air India for decades and he absolutely loves the airline. But in the end, it is all about how they took accountability for the situation.

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