Air India Plane Gets Stuck Under An Overbridge On Delhi-Gurugram Highway; Residents Amused

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar824

Can you imagine seeing a plane stuck in vehicular traffic on the highway? Yes, this has happened in Delhi NCR recently, outside the IGI airport. Sure, an aircraft is supposed to be flying in the air or parked in a hanger, but a viral video of an aircraft under a bridge on a highway left the netizens amused.

The Air India Aircraft Was Stuck Under An Overbridge

In the video, an Air India carrier without wings was seen underneath a foot bridge as four-wheelers, busses, and trucks passed by. The sight of the massive airplane was caught on camera on the Delhi-Gurugram highway near the IGI airport. In the video, we can see half of its body making it through the bridge, and the other half near the wings stuck under the bridge.

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Air India Clarified It Had No Connection With The Incident

The video of the Air India aircraft immediately went viral, leaving many bewildered. While Twitteratis raised eyebrows, the airline soon clarified that the aircraft scrapped and sold off. The incident happened when it was being transported. The airlines clarified saying that “Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances.”

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However, memes and jokes circulated on social media even after Air India clarified the real reason for the aircraft’s unusual appearance on the highway.

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