Air Or Chips For ₹10? Redditor Gets More Air, Fewer Chips In A ₹10 Chips Packet

by Vinita Jain
Air Or Chips For ₹10? Redditor Gets More Air, Fewer Chips In A ₹10 Chips Packet

Potato chips are one of the most convenient and delicious snacks available. These chips are everyone’s favourite and they are quite reasonably priced, starting at just ₹10. However, let’s admit that these packet chips often contain more air than chips and a Redditor recently proved the same. Brands often save money by adding fewer chips and filling the pack with air instead. The Reddit user bought a packet of chips for just ₹10 but ended up disappointed.

Air Or Chips? What’s More In A Chips Packet?

Instead of being thrilled by the cheap price, he was shocked that the pack contained more air and fewer chips. Sahil Thakur shared this post on Reddit with the caption “5 chips” in ₹10 lays.

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Since this post was shared it received almost 1500 likes and several hilarious comments. One of the Reddit users wrote in the comments: “The chips are complementary.” Another user wrote “I’m just surprised that like someone mentioned there are no crumbs on the packet walls. Cuz I used to be satisfied sticking my finger in the packet, running over the packet walls, and licking the crumbs a decade or so ago.”

“Lays is a scam, me and my homies prefer aloo bhujia. You can share it with 10 people and there will still be a little bhujia left for dinner.” Commented third.

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Netizens Believe Unbranded Chips Are Better Than Branded Ones

Some Reddit users felt that it’s better to have a packet of Kurkure or unbranded chips as they give quantity. “Bro, ek point pe aake Kurkure hi khaane padte even if you’ve been a Lay’s fanboy your whole life.” Commented a Reddit user.

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Well, if you also like munching on packet chips, are you disappointed with the less quantity? Do let us know.

Cover image courtesy: Pexels