Airbnb Bookings Hit Record High After Travel Recovers

by Shreya Ghosh
Airbnb Bookings Hit Record High After Travel Recovers

It is not unknown how the covid-19 pandemic took a massive toll on the world. But as everything is coming back to normal, people are finally packing bags and leaving their houses to explore unknown destinations. With this, the travel demands are increasing and the search for tickets and rooms is going strong. Even after the present inflation in the market and economic concerns, the will of exploring and travelling is still high. And with this Airbnb is also experiencing record massive listings on the website.

Airbnb Bookings Hit A Record High!

The Airbnb website recently witnessed a massive spike in bookings. From April to June, almost 104 million bookings have been made on this platform. This is one of Airbnb’s record highs in terms of the number of bookings. Among these, long-term stays are evolving fast to be the most preferred type of travel. Airbnb shared another great news as well. The international trips were comparatively lesser post-pandemic and now it is rising as well and is in the path of regaining the previous position.

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The Travel & Tourism Industry Is Recovering!

It is safer to say that Airbnb bookings are skyrocketing to a major extent. The bookings escalated by 24% from 2019 and the numbers increased to almost 104 million which is an increase of 25% from the previous year. These numbers are the bookings from April 2022 to June 2022. With demand and more prices, Airbnb is also generating a great amount of revenue. In fact, it increased by 58% from last year and now it is about 2.1 billion dollars.

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At the present moment, the bookings and the demands are the most in North America. The reservations increased by 37% from the year 2019. Also, Airbnb shared that the duration of almost half of these bookings is either a week or even exceeding it. This company could have recovered way more but Europe is creating a barrier in between. Though a huge number of tourists are exploring the beautiful destinations of Europe post-pandemic, still the pound is becoming a problem to boost the recovery.

In between all these things, the great news is that Airbnb made a grand profit of 379 million dollars. This company made a loss of 68 million dollars last year but as travel is recovering, they are making profits as well.