Airfares From UAE To India Cost As Much As European Destinations Now!

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by Deeplata Garde

It is the season of scorching heat but people choose to travel through it anyway. The concept of summer vacations has spoilt us with a lot of choices for vacation. There’s been a constant surge in the travel industry post-pandemic. Airlines all across the world are expanding their operations as demand rises. Hence the airfares are also observing a hike. Flights from the UAE to some airports in India cost the same as flights to cities in Europe and London.

Airfares Of UAE Outbound Flights

The airfares from UAE are soaring and have reached a range from Dh1,500 to Dh1,600 in June.  The travel industry professionals predicted that rates to famous Indian destinations could go up to Dh3,000 during the summer school holidays.

Tickets to home countries are costly. Getting to Europe and the United States is difficult. In the next weeks, fares to major places in India, Pakistan, as well as other Indian subcontinent nations will skyrocket as expatriate families return to their homelands. Because a huge majority of parents fly out to their home nations the day school holidays begin, airfares rise for the next seven to ten days. Incoming airfares, on the other hand, rise immediately before schools reopen in the last week of August as families return to the UAE.

Which Carriers Are Getting Expensive This July For UAE-India?

Airlines have lobbied the Indian government to expand bilateral international flying privileges with the United Arab Emirates in order to satisfy strong seasonal spikes. By the end of this month, the nation’s major carrier, Air India, would have achieved pre-Covid figures on its UAE routes. Tata Sons own this airline. Travel between the UAE-India will become much more pricey in July owning to the lack of seats and rising demand. The tickets to one-way flight to Kerala has reached around between Dh1,554 and Dh2,287. The cost of a direct trip from Dubai to Heathrow is Dh2,680. The travel time of the latter is 7hrs 45 mins and to India is mere 2 hrs. Still the price to both destination is ranging at the same level.

Some moderate-priced carriers flying out of India have already reached 2019 figures. It indicates that demand is recovering quicker than even the most upbeat estimates predicted. Similar to others, Emirates Airlines said in April that its UAE-India flights had a 95% seat factor. Undoubtedly, the present capacity given is insufficient to meet demand.

First Summer Break After Two Years Of Pandemic

The reason for the surge in demand and prices during summer owes to people planning to travel home during the summer holidays. This peaks the demand for outbound flights. And this year the demand is more due to the first summer break without a pandemic and the following restrictions.
The drop in new coronavirus cases and the loosening of travel restrictions have boosted traveller confidence significantly.

Many cost-conscious migrant families in the UAE have not visited their home countries in the last two years. The fear of Covid-driven travel bans will be simply reinstated.

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