Airline Charges Olympian For Excess Baggage; He Asks, “Should We Leave The Medals We Win At The Venue?”

by Sushmita Mahanta
Airline Charges Olympian For Excess Baggage; He Asks, “Should We Leave The Medals We Win At The Venue?”

Olympian Srihari Nataraj had to recently deal with terrible misbehaviour of airline staff while returning from the 36th National Games 2022, Gujarat and we are stunned! The Indian swimmer took to Twitter to share about the poor treatment of an IndiGo flight’s staff towards him and the team. Nataraj, who won six gold medals in swimming for Karnataka informed that he was charged a “hefty amount” for excess baggage while returning from the National Games 2022 and even had to deal with the rude behaviour of the staff. Read on to know the whole story.

The Bad Behaviour Of The Airline Staff Is What Irked The Olympian The Most

Taking to Twitter, India’s swimmer Srihari Nataraj slammed IndiGo Airlines and its staff for their rude behaviour towards him and the team of players. Natraj wanted to know if the athletes should leave their medals at the venue itself? The Olympian was mostly disappointed by the rude behaviour of the staff than the excess baggage amount.
He writes, “Dear @IndiGo6E I was returning from the National Games held in Gujarat, and the staff not only behaved badly, but also charged us a hefty amount for excess baggage which was the medals and goodies that we athletes had won.
Honestly, the amount wasn’t an issue, it’s the way they treated me and my teammates. Should we leave the medals we win back at the venue?” Take a look:

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How Did Netizens React?

Netizens were disappointed and took to the comment section immediately to voice their opinions. One user writes, “I completely agree with this, the front desk staff of almost all airlines behave in a most arrogant and unacceptable behaviour with no humane approach to address the patrons concerns.Wonder what makes them so entitled.” Look into the matter, say a few other Twitter users.

Almost all airlines behave rudely, says another.

Some give a more neutral reply.


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Feature image courtesy- Twitter/Srihari Natraj