Akasa Air Launches In-Flight Safety Manual In Braille, Making It Easier For The Visually-Impaired Passengers

by Shreya Ghosh
Akasa Air Launches In-Flight Safety Manual In Braille, Making It Easier For The Visually-Impaired Passengers

Akasa Air is the newest addition to the Indian aviation industry. At the moment, the airline has not introduced flight services to the entire country, still, it is many passengers’ choices for great prices and services. Akasa Air just launched an exciting in-flight safety manual for passengers with visual challenges. Now visually-impaired flyers on Akasa Air can use the newly launched Braille manual that will make the journey more convenient and easier for them while flying. Do you want to know how this actually works? Read on for all the info!

Akasa Air Introduced In-Flight Safety Manual In Braille On 4 January 2023


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World Braille Day is celebrated on 4 January every year. And to mark that day, India’s youngest airline made its newest launch on that day. Akasa Air collaborated with The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged to make this in-flight safety Braille manual. It announced the introduction of an in-flight braille manual in Hindi, English, and also in Braille script. This manual comes with an explanation of the safety instructions inside a flight.

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Akasa Air’s new launch helps visually-impaired passengers to have a warm and consistent experience while maintaining the airline’s core value of empathy. With the new in-flight Braille manual, the journey is surely going to become simpler than ever for travellers with the important information provided in it.

The Braille Manual Featured All The Essential Safety Instructions For The Flyers

Passengers get this in-flight manual onboard upon request. And this manual contains all the information and instructions starting from how to use seatbelts to mentioning the location of emergency exits and life jackets inside the flight. In fact, it comes with tactile diagrams to make it convenient for the passengers to aircraft and aircraft positions and it also contains more important safety information.

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Akasa Air launched its first commercial flight last year on 7 August to different destinations in India. Ever since then, the carrier is grabbing every traveller’s attention and making headlines for its great services. This is surely a great initiative taken by the airline to provide a seamless flying experience to visually challenged flyers.

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