Alia Bhatt Is Going Gaga Over The All-New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 And You’ll Too

by Rachna Srivastava
Alia Bhatt Is Going Gaga Over The All-New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 And You’ll Too

What’s one thing that’s common between Alia Bhatt and Samsung Flip phones? Well, they both are trendsetters and are always in style! The Bollywood star is flaunting her all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and how!

Alia Bhatt Is Flexing Her Flip Side And You Should Too!

Featuring in a brand new digital film, Alia can be seen smitten by her new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. And, why not? The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is packed with so many cool features that it is hard not to!

The video opens with Alia receiving a video call from her BFF, and for that she simply flicks open the top flap and seamlessly talks hands-free in the Flex mode! Yep, no more struggling to hold the phone during video calls, long or short. The super-cool Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can be just placed on any surface in a flex position and you can chat endlessly, hassle-free!

It’s Got Super Fast Charging and Boasts of an Eye-catching Design

The next thing we see is the phone’s Super Fast Charging feature which is absolutely commendable! By the time Alia was done slurping up the whole glass of fresh juice, the phone was charged! *mind=blown* There is fast and then there’s Samsung super-fast!

We HAVE to talk about the design! The fetching design and colour of the allnew Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is a highlight for us, TBH! The colour, Bora Purple, stands out and the compactness and foldability of the new Flip phone makes it even more enticing!

Oh, did you see how Alia flexed and clasped the phone onto her friend’s belt? That’s such a cool and stylish way of carrying the phone! It doubles up as a perfect accessory to round off any OOTD. Don’t you think?

With FlexCam, Amp Up Your Glam & Add Nightography Magic

One of the coolest features of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has to be the FlexCam! Alia loves pictures, we all know that (courtesy her Koffee With Karan couch confession). And, in the video we can see Bhatt try out many new angles and click Insta-worthy selfies and group portraits with her friend. All that is possible with FlexCam

For next-level self-expression, you can use the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

  • to take photos and shoot videos from new angles like top down, low angle, and more
  • for hands-free photo capture
  • to take group selfies
  • take a snap without opening the flap using the Front Screen Quick Capture
  • to capture excellent low-light images with Nightography 

Flex Mode offers Multiangle capture. That’s a whole new world of camera angles and offers the ultimate freedom to capture photos and videos in a never-seen-before way!

Top Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Is A Game Changer

Firstly, it is extremely compact, foldable and can be easily slipped into one’s pocket or bag or clung on a belt for extra oomph! So the pocketability and design is top-notch!

Secondly, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is highly agile and can be put to action anytime, anywhere. Its Front-screen Quick Capture feature will let you click your photo even without unfolding the phone. Oh, and it also helps you be on top of your notifications through the Cover Screen Display!

Thirdly, it’s the most durable Flip ever! It boasts of an Armor Aluminum frame which is combined with the tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+ on the front and back. And, it is water resistant!

Fourthly and most importantly, the FlexCam. We simply can’t get over the new angles, the front capture, lowangle, topangle and Hands-free Capture. You don’t need a tripod anymore! No need for anyone to be left out of the frame as well, you can explore multiple angles and have an all-smiles group capture. We’ve already told you about the Hands-free video chatting feature and the Front Quick Capture!

The Top-Down Capture is simply one of the most novel features and also our favourite! The grip it gives is unmatched! Love food photography? Then, the Top-Down Feature is gonna make your life simpler. You can click pictures worth a million bucks, Hands-free, at an angle that easily allows you to hold your phone comfortably. 

Come, Join The Flip Side!

Alia Bhatt is unfolding her world with her sleek and stunning smartphone. So should you! The new era demands our smartphones to be small-yet-smart and be an extension of our personalities! Become a trendsetter and express freely with the allnew Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

It is trendy, voguish and comes in neutral hues of Bora Purple, Graphite and Pink Gold, and is perfect for the millennials and Gen Z. With its pocketability, sleek design and amazing form factor, this phone is a must have!

So, why wait? Grab a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 ASAP to capture new perspectives and ‘flex the flip side of you’! Join the Flip side!

And yes, we will see more of Alia in the coming months! Be rest assured that the superstar will be part of Samsung’s 360-degree campaigns which includes digital and outdoor activations, and she’ll wow us with her cuteness. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Samsung will create many activations and Alia will delight her fans in hyperlocal markets as well. 

Keep your eyes peeled for it and watch Alia flex her flip side and unfold her life with the smart foldables urging young smartphone users to do the same!