All The Mcdonald’s Meals Shown On Screens Ever Are Here On This Limited Edition Menu

McDonald’s UAE
by Anupriya Mishra

If you are someone who loves burgers, then chances are you already know of McDonald’s. After all this famous fast food chain is known for its yummy happy meals and decadent desserts. And so, it’s not surprising that people throng their outlets in large numbers to feast on delicious burgers and fries. However, now you have a chance to actually eat the meals that have been featured on popular TV shows and movies. Confused? Here’s all about the limited-edition menu at McDonald’s!

McDonald’s To Launch As Featured In Meals In The UAE


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McDonald’s in the UAE has made its mission to treat foodies in the nation. They are doing so by including a limited edition menu, which features the limited-edition meal, exclusive merch, and content that have previously been featured on popular TV series, and even films. Starting on Monday, August 14, the limited edition ‘As Featured In Meal’ will be available in over a hundred countries! So whether you’ve been a fan of the Marvel series, Loki or the classic movie, Richie Rich, it’ll certainly be a treat.

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What Can You Expect To Be Treated To?


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Talking about the menu, you can find a newly branded sweet-and-sour sauce, which has been inspired by Loki Season 2 from the Marvel Studios. Similarly, you can also try their yummies like Big Mac, Fillet-O-Fish Double-Up Sandwich, or even Chicken McNuggets to satiate your movie-loving, foodie soul. As it happens, you can also buy cool merchandise that is being brought to you by London-based skate and streetwear brand PALACE. Doesn’t it all sounds absolutely fantastic? We’re certainly tempted to try them all once these goodies hit the stores in August!

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So, mark your calendars and land up at McDonald’s to get your hands on the ‘As Featured In Meal’ for the satiating experience.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/mcdonaldsuae