This Is What Sultan AlNeyadi Plans To Bring Back From Space For His Kids!

by Anupriya Mishra
This Is What Sultan AlNeyadi Plans To Bring Back From Space For His Kids!

Sultan AlNeyadi is in the last leg of his space mission and he has been keeping his followers updated with all that is happening at the International Space Station. However, in a recent call from space, it was revealed that the Emirati astronaut is planning to bring something special for his children from space.

What Does Sultan AlNeyadi Plan To Bring Back For His Children?

Sultan AlNeyadi in a recent call from the space organised by Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, there were some absolutely heart-melting moments. During the recent call, it was seen that the Emirati astronaut’s son Rashid Sultan Saif AlNeyadi and Abdalla Sultan AlNeyadi was seen asking astronaut questions. In one such interesting moment, they were seen asking about what does he plan to bring for them.

So, answering this innocent question, Sultan AlNeyadi mentioned that he will bring some special things that were sent to him by this family. While he did not reveal what they were, he did mention that he will bring along Suhail, according to Khaleej Times. In case you are unaware, this is an astronaut plushy and an honorary fifth member of Crew 6. He accompanied the astronaut on his space mission when he left for the International Space Station.

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He Has Made People Proud Of His Achievements

The Emirati astronaut has left people really proud of his achievements. As it is not only the first time that an Emirati astronaut is staying in space for an extended period of time, he also made hasty with his first Arab spacewalk. Yes, he was also the first Muslim and first Emirati to do so! Besides creating history, the astronaut is constantly sharing dazzling pictures of Earth from the space station. These moments from space are priceless, especially considering this is his last month at the orbiting laboratory before he returns to Earth later this month.

On a concluding note, while the return date has not yet been released, it could be as early as August 31 as Crew 7 is expected to leave from Earth around August 24.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Astro_Alneyadi