All You Need To Know About The Moon-Shaped Resort Coming To Dubai

by Ishita Agarwal
All You Need To Know About The Moon-Shaped Resort Coming To Dubai

You may soon see a huge moon-shaped resort in Dubai, which already features the highest skyscraper in the world (the Burj Khalifa). According to reports, Moon World Resorts, resembling the Moon, will be an opulent lunar building 600 metres in a circle and 200 metres tall. The emirate is renowned for its enormous structures and fondness for luxury resorts, so the two may work well together, given that the new idea can accommodate 10 million tourists annually. 

All You Need To Know About Moon Dubai

Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson of MWR came up with the idea for Moon Dubai, which will feature a “lunar surface” and be encircled by a “lunar colony.” According to Matthews and Henderson, the resort can host 10 million tourists a year once it is finished. Wow!

They claimed that the “lunar colony” would enable visitors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to enjoy “cheap space tourism” in the country’s biggest metropolis. The duo said the colony will be big enough to host 2.5 million visitors annually. The business will construct the resort in 48 months, with a 735-foot height goal (225 metres). 

All this sounds like an out-of-life experience, doesn’t it? Well, it is coming your way in Dubai soon. So, let’s sum up what we presently know about Moon Dubai. 

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A Moon-Shaped Resort With Hyper-Speed Shuttles, Water-Filled Lagoons And Luxury Villas

According to the project brochure, a functional “lunar colony” would give visitors the impression that they are standing on the moon’s surface. Yep, your very own landing on the moon! In addition, a hyper-speed shuttle will whisk them around the expansive destination. Do you know it is a $5 billion project which is proposed by Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts Inc? 

There will be five-star hotel suites inside in addition to restaurants, nightclubs, bars, a spa, a conference centre, and a 10,000-seat stadium. Moreover, you will find a beach club-style area, water-filled lagoons, and infinite green areas on the top deck.

Sky Villas are the resort’s take on private houses for individuals who desire to reach the moon. It will house all 300 of these opulent apartments within the main building’s disc. Furthermore, all residents will have access to the elite Moon private members’ club.


What do you think of this mega project, ‘Moon Dubai’, a moon-shaped resort? Are you excited to experience all the luxury? Let us know in the comment section.

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Image Courtesy: Moon World Resort Instagram