Aloo Paratha With Ghee & Dahi On A Steel Plate Is An Emotion And Netizens CANNOT Agree More!

by Shreya Rathod
Aloo Paratha With Ghee & Dahi On A Steel Plate Is An Emotion And Netizens CANNOT Agree More!

Parathas are eaten for breakfast in almost every household in India. However, we have a special place for the famous Aloo Paratha. The crispy parathas are to be relished in winter mornings and are the most preferred ones. In fact, aloo paratha is not just a meal but an emotion and Netizens cannot agree more!

Aloo Paratha Is An Emotion!


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A post shared by Freddy Birdy (@freddy_birdy)

Freddy Birdy is a social media personality and is known for his witty posts. He recently shared an Instagram post about everyone’s favourite aloo parathas! According to his post, an Aloo Paratha filled to the brim, crisp on the exterior, fragrant with desi ghee, soft and spicy inside, eaten with the tastiest handmade pickle available and a bowl of dahi, which is always served in steel katori, for dunking. Is there any more ideal and well-rounded meal?

If you happen to visit your friend’s home at any time of day or night, their mother will urge you to “eat first and then go home,” while gazing intently at her television serial without a sideways glance in your direction. You are then fed in the most exquisite manner possible, as only Punjabis can. This often entails several crisp Aloo Parathas—three, four, we’re not counting—served with whatever vegetables are produced that day and a katori of dahi with a precise one mm film of water on top.

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With a glass of ice water close at hand for the poor singed tongues, he enjoys eating Aloo Parathas with his fingers, gently scorching them with a paratha that has just come off the stove. For Aloo Parathas, steel utensils and dishes are required!

Netizens Agree With Him!

aloo paratha comments
Credits: @freddy_birdy/ Instagram

People in the comments section agree with the feeling of eating aloo paratha. One of the users stated, “Even reading the post is torture and even a well-fed person would become hungry.” Another person wrote, “It was the best meal she ever had.”

A person commented, “If you are lucky, you might get a glass of lassi with paratha in a steel glass.” A user agrees with this and comments, “Aloo paratha is life and he would fight with anyone who denies its supremacy.”

Another user wrote, “Woke up to your scrumptious Aloo paratha post.. and now it’s my Sunday brunch menu.. and though I’m not a Punjabi but a Delhite.”

A user also commented, “Never before have I read such a perfect description of the experience of Aloo paratha!!!

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Comment below and tell us what you like about Aloo Paratha.

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