Amsterdam Flight Diverted To Chicago After Business Class Passenger Throws A Fit Over A Meal

by Tooba Shaikh
Amsterdam Flight Diverted To Chicago After Business Class Passenger Throws A Fit Over A Meal

Disorderly behaviour on planes has become routine at this point. Almost every other day there is some piece of news or the other about a passenger behaving in a disrespectful or outright unacceptable manner. The latest in such a series happened on a flight heading towards Amsterdam. A passenger threw a fit over a meal choice. The passenger created such a ruckus that the Amsterdam flight had to be diverted to Chicago. Here are the details about the incident.

Amsterdam Flight Diverted To Chicago

This particular incident took place on the 10th of July on a United Airlines plane. The plane was headed towards Amsterdam in the Netherlands from Houston in Texas. According to an article recently published by MoneyControl, the flight took off from the airport in Houston around 4:20 PM local time.

However, it soon had to be diverted to Chicago because a passenger, purportedly seated at 11G, threw a tantrum on the flight. According to many reports, the passenger took issue with the fact that the choice of meal that they had opted for was not available.

Some even state that the irate passenger seemed inebriated. The crew classified the passenger as a level-1 threat. This is the lowest of threats. Nevertheless, the flight had to be diverted to Chicago to deboard the passenger.

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Circled Around Chicago Airport For Two Hours

When it reached Chicago, the plane could not land immediately. According to reports, this is because it was too heavy to land as it had too much fuel. In order to make the plane light enough to land, it ended up circling the airport for close to two hours.

After the landing at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, the unruly passenger was deboarded with the help of airport authorities. After this disruption, the flight took off and reached Amsterdam without any further incidents. It arrived more than two hours after its scheduled arrival time.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons