Amsterdam Has A New Underground Parking Lot But Only For Bicycles; Houses 7000 Of Them

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Amsterdam Has A New Underground Parking Lot But Only For Bicycles; Houses 7000 Of Them

If you look at European countries, people there normally use bicycles for transportation. Of these, the Netherlands is known for its excellent infrastructure and the best cycling routes. With such amazing facilities for people who love cycling, a new facility has levelled up the Dutch obsession with bicycles. Amsterdam is now home to a new bicycle-only underground parking lot with a capacity to accommodate 7,000 bicycles. 

Underground Parking For Bicycles In Amsterdam

Looking at the growing number of people opting for electric and non-electric bicycles, the city of Amsterdam came up with an amazing solution — to address the issue of accessible bicycle parking.  It built a massive underground parking lot for only bicycles. The new parking lot is near the largest railway station in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Central. This international railway hub sees about 2,00,000 passengers every day. 

This new parking space is nine metres underground. The new underground structure will make sure that the pedestrian areas on the ground are accessible and clear. The new facility will provide all bicycle owners with a safe place to keep their bicycles. The Government of Amsterdam also shared a video on its official Twitter page, where a woman with a bicycle takes you to the parking lot. 

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Minister of Environment Inaugurated The New Facility

Vivianne Heijnen, Minister of the Environment, Netherlands, inaugurated this new structure for parking bicycles. With a capacity of 7,000 bicycles, the underground parking facility is well connected to the Metro Hall. The parking lot is nothing less than a boon to all the people in the city, as it offers ample parking space and keeps the city roads uncluttered. 

You can go to the underground parking easily with the help of two escalators that take you down. Next, you have to verify your identity, and then you are allowed to go inside this massive infrastructure and park your bicycles easily. The process is not time-consuming and is hassle-free. There are many upcoming bicycle-focused infrastructure projects coming up in Amsterdam. One of these is another underground parking lot with a capacity of 4,000 bicycles.

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