Netherlands Now Makes Work From Home A Legal Right

by Sanjana Shenoy

The Covid-19 pandemic completely changed how the world worked. Office spaces were replaced with homes, canteens with kitchens, work PCs with personal laptops and formal attire with pyjamas, do we need to say more. While many countries across the globe have returned back to work from office, the Netherlands has taken a different approach. The Netherlands has now made work from home a legal right. Read on to know more.

The Netherlands Declares Work From Home Legal Right

The Netherlands is the first country in the world to declare work from home a legal right. This took place after the Dutch parliament approved the legislation. According to the new law, employers in the Netherlands will have to approve employee requests to work from home as long as their professions allow it. So, employees in the Netherlands can work from anywhere. They do not need to commute to a central place of work like an office space or warehouse.

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Other European Countries To Also Make WFH Legal

The pandemic has brought flexibility to work schedules over the past 2 years. As companies were forced to shut down to prevent transmission of coronavirus, employees were directed to work from home. This has fueled a shift in the attitudes around work. A Bloomberg report stated that the work from home legislation was approved by the Netherlands’ bicameral parliament on July 5. Reportedly, other European countries might follow suit. Would you want work from home to be legal in India?