An Hour Away From Mussoorie, This Offbeat Village Is A Treasure Trove Named After Himalaya’s Burans Phool

Burans Khanda
by Ankita Mazumdar

It is always better to visit and explore hidden gems or offbeat locations when you are planning a vacation. Even if the destination is brand new for you, it is always better to take the road less travelled. You get to witness the culture and heritage of a particular place which is still untouched and undisturbed by the public and their eyes. We have found a great offbeat village near Mussoorie which a lot of tourists are unaware of. Read more to know about Burans Khanda.

This Offbeat Village Near Mussorie Is Named After Himalaya’s Burans Phool

Burans Khanda

Image Credits: Canva

Burans Khanda village is located very close to Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. It is merely 23 Km away which is relatively near this main town for an offbeat location. Buras Khanda got its name from the pretty and bright ruby-red flowers native to the Himalayan region. The flower is named Rhododendron or Burans ka phool (in Hindi). You will find a bunch of Burans ka phool dangling from its trees.

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The bright red flowers swaying in the wind on a slightly sunny day sparks such a warm feeling inside. Now you just want to cosy up in your blanket and enjoy the views. During the extreme winter months, the Himalayan peaks are covered in snow and your view is going to be white pristine snow-clad peaks, all around you.

What To Do In This Village?

Burans Khanda

Image Credits: Canva

This is a village where you come to only chill while you have dumped all your stress and worries back home. It is more like a shift from the constant corporate hustle culture. It is a remote village so you can take a nice walk or go trekking to enjoy the beauty of nature. Make sure you know all the trekking routes well by talking to the locals.

A morning walk with birds chirping, and wind blowing while the sky changes colours should be one of the first things you do in this offbeat village near Mussoorie. If you are not a trekking person, then this village has short forest trails through the thick oak trees. As it is a remote place, the locals have to travel on foot for necessities. Post exploring, head over to any of the local eateries and try the local dishes. It is always better to go for local delicacies, maybe you will fall in love with it.

How To Reach?

Burans Khanda

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The nearest railway station to the village of Burans Khanda is Dehradun Railway Station, its 50 Km away. Dehradun Airport is the nearest airport which is 76 Km away. If you are driving to Burans Khanda from Mussoorie, then you will enjoy nature and its beauty the most; no matter what the season is. If you plan on visiting during the spring season, then you will get to witness locals selling beautiful bouquets of buran ka phool and wild daisies. The particular colour combination of white and ruby red will mesmerise your eyes and is a sight to behold.

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