From Kashmir To Kerala, Here Are The “Best Tourism Villages” Of India! Full List Here

by Shreya Rathod
From Kashmir To Kerala, Here Are The “Best Tourism Villages” Of India! Full List Here

Indian villages have a pleasant and pollution-free environment and are perfect for tourism. Rural tourism is a non-urban activity that promotes the art, culture, heritage, and way of life of the locals in rural areas. Activities that let visitors get a firsthand look at a variety of items and services related to agriculture and the natural world, such as farming, fishing, crafts, and other facets of rural life. They have announced the list of the “Best Tourism Villages” in India.

Best Tourism Villages India: Here’s A List Of Gold Awardees!

best tourism villages gold awards
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Rural areas with low population densities, a landscape and land use dominated by agriculture and forestry, traditional and social structures, rural lifestyle, heritage, nature, etc. are the main focus of rural tourist operations. The Ministry Of Tourism has announced the winners for “Best Tourism Villages” and here’s the list of the gold awardees!

1. Dawar (Jammu & Kashmir)

Dawar, a lovely hamlet, is located in the centre of the picturesque Gurez valley. It provides a beautiful view of the Krishna Ganga River and Habba Khatoon Mountain.

2. Sarmoli Village (Uttarakhand)

Sarmoli is surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains and is located on the first rise of the Greater Himalayas. Through the lively animals and captivating culture, nature and culture are perfectly woven together.

3. Reiek (Mizoram)

Reiek is bordered by the enticing rays of the rising sun, temperate trees, captivating streamlets, and captivating cascades. Along with a maze of caves and caverns, it offers a breathtaking night sky with a clear view of the Milky Way.

4. Madla (Madhya Pradesh)

Madla is located at the foothills of Vindhyas along the Ken River. It has a veritable treasure mine of experiences to offer, including wildlife, nature, history, culture, and more.

5. Kanthalloor (Kerala)

A charming and relaxed village called Kanthalloor may be found in India’s Western Ghats. It is renowned for having a wide variety of fruits that are incomparable to anything else in Kerala.

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List Of Silver & Bronze Awardees

best tourism villages silver and bronze awards
Credits: Rural Tourism/ Website

Here are the villages with silver awards:

1. Hemis Village (Ladakh)
2. Shergaon (Arunachal Pradesh)
3. Kurauana (Uttar Pradesh)
4. Menar (Rajasthan)
5. Khijadiya (Gujarat)
6. Sarodhadadar (Chattisgarh)
7. Raghurajpur (Odisha)
8. Pembarthy (Telangana)
9. Lepakshi (Andhra Pradesh)
10. Kalpeni (Lakshadweep)

Here are the bronze award winners:

1. Thirunallar (Puducherry)
2. Vettaikaranpudur (Tamil Nadu)
3. Ullada (Tamil Nadu)
4. Cotigao (Goa)
5. Hampi (Karnataka)
6. Patgaon (Maharashtra)
7. Chandlapur (Telangana)
8. Devka (Dadar and Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu)
9. Khokhara (Madhya Pradesh)
10. McCluskieganj (Jharkhand)
11. Kiriteswari (West Bengal)
12. Konthong (Meghalaya)
13. Vidyasagar (Tripura)
14. Diezephe (Nagaland)
15. Kitam (Sikkim)
16. Naurangabad-Shree Mahaveerji (Rajasthan)
17. Talao (Haryana)
18. Chhitkul (Himachal Pradesh)
19. Nawanpind Sardaran (Punjab)

A major portion of India is rural, and many people are living there. India’s rural areas are where you may experience its true spirit. Therefore, due to its complementarity with other activities like the creation and maintenance of jobs, the creation of new business opportunities, and the revitalization of local art and crafts it is in line with the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

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Along with the mantra of “Vocal for Local,” rural tourism has a high potential to stimulate rural India’s economic growth as well as social change.

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