Some Villages In Uttar Pradesh Don’t Celebrate Raksha Bandhan And The Reasons Will Shock You

by Mallika Khurana
Some Villages In Uttar Pradesh Don’t Celebrate Raksha Bandhan And The Reasons Will Shock You

Raksha Bandhan, a cherished festival in India, celebrates the bond between siblings with the exchange of rakhis and gifts. However, the festival takes on captivating twists and turns in certain remote Indian villages, where unique traditions, beliefs, and historical events have shaped a distinct perspective. These villages offer a captivating glimpse into the intricate diversity that defines our nation. Let’s explore the intriguing stories behind these villages where Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival but an embodiment of their remarkable heritage.

Exploring Villages Where Raksha Bandhan Is Celebrated Differently

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In the heart of Hapur district lies Satha Chaurasi, a cluster of about 60 villages. The special thing that binds these villages is a tradition where instead of tying rakhis on brothers’ wrists, sisters here adorn wooden sticks in what is known as ‘Chhadi Puja.’ This unique practice traces its roots back 450 years to the historic battle of Haldighati in 1576. Even today, this tradition flourishes in the area. 

The story of the village of Surana is quite different. It is a haunting tale where Raksha Bandhan’s charm is replaced by a sombre curse. As per the legends, a fateful attack by Muhammad Ghori during the festival resulted in the village’s near annihilation. Somehow, only one woman and her absent sons were saved. Since then, this festival is believed to bring misfortune to the village.

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The Curious Case Of Shunning The Festival

Raksha Bandhan in UP
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The absence of Raksha Bandhan runs far and wide in Uttar Pradesh. In Sambhal’s Bainipur Chak village, this festival is forsaken due to a unique apprehension. The villagers fear that sisters tying rakhis and demanding property as gifts might inadvertently lead to compliance. The fear was unlocked when a similar incident happened to a zamindar.

Similarly, in Gunnaur, a superstition casts a shadow over Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Stories of unfortunate incidents and untimely deaths shortly after the festival have given rise to the belief in a curse associated with the occasion. Similar tales echo in Bhikhampur Jagat Purwa village in Gonda district, where villagers attribute unfavourable occurrences to the festival. These villages symbolise the intriguing interplay of beliefs and experiences that influence traditions.

 While the broader nation rejoices in Raksha Bandhan’s festivities, these communities offer a distinctive perspective, celebrating their heritage through unique traditions, beliefs, and stories passed down through generations.

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