Analog Adventurers, Celebration Vacationers, & Luxe-For-Less Seekers: What Traveller Are You?

by Shreya Ghosh
Analog Adventurers, Celebration Vacationers, & Luxe-For-Less Seekers: What Traveller Are You?

Travel enthusiasts are never too tired to go on a new holiday and enjoy experiences like never before. Exploring new destinations in different parts of the world has always been a spectacular and unique journey. Travelling brings a beautiful perspective to everyone’s lives and with time, people’s preferences for travel have also evolved and enhanced. A recent report by Skyscanner provides some fascinating details about the different travel types and kinds of travellers that we come across.

Skyscanner’s Latest Report Reveals Interesting Travel Choices

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Skyscanner recently released the Travel Trends 2024 report that focuses on evolving travel preferences that are based on several factors such as accessibility, advancements, and people’s choices.  Over the past years, the entire landscape of the travel industry started witnessing some prominent shifts and changes and the introduction of unique, special, and one-of-a-kind experiences. The report by Skyscanner highlights how globetrotters are planning to go on holiday in the upcoming days.

Globetrotters are often on the lookout for opportunities to take a trip. To make special days such as birthdays and anniversaries more memorable, many travellers go on holidays and getaways on these days. These people are known as celebration vacationers and they are all in when it comes to spending a marvellous time while celebrating special days and milestones.

81 per cent of tourists from India have visited different destinations and enjoyed a group trip to celebrate special moments such as birthdays and anniversaries. Some of the international destinations that are in demand for such group trips this year are Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

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3. Luxe-For-Less Seekers

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A great number of tourists are interested in spending an average amount while travelling to enjoy luxury experiences. Many travellers are in search of luxe places under their specified budget. Luxury is no longer defined by only staying in expensive 5-star resorts and properties. Nowadays, there are huge options for properties and stays that are 5-star, provide splendid amenities and facilities, and do not burn a hole in your pocket.

To enjoy the utmost comfort, 37 per cent of Indian tourists are planning to get a business or first-class upgrade of their flight tickets. On the other hand, 44 per cent wish to get airport lounge access to kickstart a great holiday.

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Now that you know all about the 3 kinds of travellers, which one are you?

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