56% Indians Prefer Small Trips For Long Weekend; Travel Website Suggests Top Places With Airfare

Long Weekend
by Shreya Ghosh

Have you taken a vacation in September yet? If not, it’s time for you to book tickets, pack your bags, and get set go. Also, the upcoming long weekend this month makes up for the best time to enjoy a short trip and explore beautiful tourist destinations. With the scorching temperatures decreasing, the pleasant weather is perfect for enjoying a vacation, be it a solo trip or with family and friends.

Make Travel Plans For The Long Weekend

Long Weekend

Picture credit- Canva

Skyscanner, a travel website, recently conducted a survey that showed some interesting results. Skyscanner’s Travel in Focus Report 2023 states that 56 per cent of Indians are interested in taking as many small holidays as possible instead of going on one big vacation on the same budget. If you also enjoy going on short holidays, here are beautiful destinations to travel to in India.

Top 5 Destinations To Explore The Upcoming Long Weekend:

Skyscanner has prepared a list of the top 5 trending tourist places in the country. These destinations are rich in natural beauty, and culture, and offer stunning experiences.

1. Shillong

Long Weekend

Picture credit- Canva

The first destination on this list is the Scotland of the East, Shillong. Surrounded by picturesque green landscapes, meadows, serene surroundings, and alluring natural beauty, this place is perfect to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities and our daily lives. Immerse in tranquillity at the Meghalaya capital.

Airfare for the long weekend: 

  • Bangalore to Shillong starts from ₹24,581
  • Mumbai to Shillong starts from ₹21,902
  • New Delhi to Shillong starts from ₹16,525

2. Goa

When we think about taking a trip to the beaches in India, the first destination that comes to our mind is Goa. No matter if you want a serene holiday or an adventurous trip, this beach destination is perfect for you.

Airfare for the long weekend: 

  • Bangalore to Goa starts from ₹11,532
  • Mumbai to Goa starts from ₹12,684
  • New Delhi to Goa starts from ₹21,086

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3. Varanasi

Rich in culture, heritage, and traditions, this city is perfect for religious trips. Get ready to immerse in splendid mesmerising surroundings while taking a trip to Varanasi. The spiritual hub is surely going to refresh your mind and soul.

Airfare for the long weekend: 

  • Bangalore to Varanasi starts from ₹17,642
  • Mumbai to Varanasi from ₹9,000
  • New Delhi to Varanasi starts from ₹7,857

4. Hyderabad During Long Weekend

Hyderabad is such a beautiful city to explore, especially for history enthusiasts. From amazing architecture to tons of places to explore, this city offers some of the greatest travelling experiences.

Airfare for the long weekend: 

  • Bangalore to Hyderabad starts from ₹5,359
  • Mumbai to Hyderabad starts from ₹4,712
  • New Delhi to Hyderabad starts from ₹8,664

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5. Jaipur

Pink City is a spectacular destination to explore on a short trip during the long weekend. Witnessing the incredible architecture and walking by the lanes of history is such a beautiful and unique experience.

Airfare for the long weekend: 

  • Bangalore to Jaipur starts from ₹15,137
  • Mumbai to Jaipur starts from ₹12,114
  • New Delhi to Jaipur starts from ₹7,225

Are you ready for a spectacular trip on this long weekend?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva