Anand Mahindra Just Added These 10 Indian Villages To His Bucket List, You Might Wanna Too!

by Shreya Rathod
Anand Mahindra Just Added These 10 Indian Villages To His Bucket List, You Might Wanna Too!

After looking at scenic pictures of certain places, we are often tempted to visit them. The enigmatic landscape tempts us to pack our bags and take the nearest route to the place. Something like this happened to the business tycoon Anand Mahindra. Recently, he shared a Twitter thread with ten scenic villages that he would love to visit.

Anand Mahindra’s Travel Bucket List Has These Scenic Indian Villages

Businessman Anand Mahindra is often travelling to different places and shares quirky videos and pics from his travels. Recently, a Twitter thread with Indian villages tempted him to pay a visit at least once. In fact, he added them to his travel bucket list! While sharing the thread, he wrote that the beauty of these villages has left him speechless. He further added that his travel bucket list of India is now overflowing!

A Twitter user agreed to this and wrote that India is a traveller’s paradise with its beauty and diversity. Further, he wrote that no matter whether you want to try adventure activities or seek tranquillity, India will always surprise you.

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10 Indian Scenic Villages That You Should Know About!

A Twitter user, Colours of Bharat, compiled Indian scenic villages that will leave you stunned. Here are the 10 villages:

1. Kalpa

It is a small hamlet in the Sutlej River valley and is inhabited by the Kinnauri people.

2. Mawlynnong

It is located in the East Khasi Hills district and is Asia’s cleanest village!

3. Kollengode Village

It is a famous tourist attraction located in the Palakkad district in Kerala.

4. Mathoor Village

Mathoor is a scenic village in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari.

5. Varanga Village

It is home to ancient Jain temples and is located in Udupi district of Karnataka.

6. Gorkhey Khola

Gorkhey Khola is a beautiful village located in Darjeeling in Kolkata.

7. Jirang Village

Jirang Village is also known as Odisha’s Little Tibet.

8. Ziro Village

It is a quaint village with green hills and vibrant flora.

9. Mana

It is located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district and is the last village in India.

10. Khimsar Village

It is a small desert village in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district.

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These villages are truly scenic and beautiful. Comment below and tell us which of these have you visited.

Cover Image Courtesy: Colours of Bharat/ Twitter