Ancient Statue Of A Greek Woman Using Laptop Has Gone Viral. The Disbelief Is Real Amongst Netizens!

by Shreya Ghosh
Ancient Statue Of A Greek Woman Using Laptop Has Gone Viral. The Disbelief Is Real Amongst Netizens!

Science enthusiasts often think about time travelling to the past or future. At the moment, we are not aware of anything that can take us to different times but all we can do is think, research, and understand the different theories. Among all these things, an ancient statue of a Greek woman using a laptop shook the Internet. The statue is an antique sculpture of 100 BC and something so modern made at that time is raising a lot of questions.

The Ancient Statue Of A Greek Woman Using A Laptop Has Gone Viral

Check out this tweet to get a closer look at the much-talked-about statue. Read on to know all about this surprising ancient marble structure.

One can witness the marble statue of the Greek woman in Malibu’s J Paul Getty Museum. It is a 37-inch ancient statue named ‘Grave Naiskos Of An Enthroned Woman With An Attendant’. Needless to say, it is raising tons of questions among science enthusiasts. The statue not only features a laptop-looking structure exactly similar to what we use today, but it also features two holes on the sides that look like USB ports. Isn’t that surprising? Netizens are finding it hard to believe the truth but it is what it is!

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Intricate Details Of The Statue:

The work on the statue of the Greek woman is impeccable. As seen in these pictures, the woman is sitting on a chair with another woman (probably a slave) holding the laptop-like box in her hand. The woman on the chair stares at the marble box while touching its upper part. The details are very clear and it looks like someone is watching things on a laptop screen.

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The holes resembling USB ports are leading to different questions and theories among people. Netizens are coming out with various theories regarding these striking similarities of the sculpture.

According to the Getty Collection, this is a shadow box. Ancient Greeks used such boxes in funerary. During that time, these boxes were commonly used in funerary. And the two holes on the side are probably where metal pins were kept.

The assumptions can be different for everyone but the resemblances are eye-catching. A simple picture of the sculpture has left all Netizens confused and questioning on the similarities and whether time travel truly exists.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ BASILIO NOVARTI @BasilioNovarti