Anganwadi Menus Say Goodbye To Chikki, Hello To Nutrient-Packed Menu For Kids

Amid court directives, the updated menu aims to cater to children's nutritional needs.

by Mallika Khurana
Anganwadi Menus Say Goodbye To Chikki, Hello To Nutrient-Packed Menu For Kids

In a groundbreaking development, Anganwadi centres are gearing up for a major shift in their food offerings, introducing a revamped and more nutritious menu for children. This change comes after a series of legal directives stemming from concerns over the adequacy of nutrition provided to children in these centres. The alterations in the anganwadi menus are significant. Traditional items like chikki are being replaced with cereal laddu, and staple rice and sambar are making way for khichdi made with dal.

Anganwadi Centres’ Menus Get A Nutritional Upgrade

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This shift comes on the heels of serious allegations about the insufficient nutritious food provided to children in Anganwadis. As per Udayavani reports, both the state high court and the Supreme Court intervened, directing the government to revise the menu to better cater to the nutritional needs of the children enrolled in these centres.

Under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme, Anganwadis statewide are now aligning with the freshly designed food menu. Starting January 10, these centres will receive a renewed supply of food items aligned with this updated menu.

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Supreme Court Directive Sparks Menu Overhaul

Photo Credits: Canva

The old menu primarily consisted of rice sambar along with supplemental provisions like eggs, chikkis, and nutritional powder. The egg quantities here fluctuated based on market rates and funding availability. However, the new menu is a comprehensive overhaul. For children aged 6 months to 3 years, both normal and malnourished, a daily provision of nutritional powder with or without jaggery will be provided (135 gm.). Those aged 3 to 6 years will receive wheat laddu, nutritional powder, and cereal laddu (25 gm. daily op). Options like rice sambar, uppittu, or rice khichdi will also be offered. Regional variations will be accommodated. Pregnant women and new mothers will also receive specialised nutritional supplements.

Notably, the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) in Mysore has given its seal of approval to the new menu. An agreement for food supply has also been established between the Mother and Child Health Project (MSPC) and three licenced women’s groups approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

As per Udayavani reports, Shyamala, Udupi’s Deputy Director of the Women and Child Development Department, also emphasised adherence to the court order. She stated that the new menu items would reach all Anganwadis after January 10. Delays in supply were attributed to the need to align food items with the updated menu.

This pivotal change signifies a renewed focus on providing adequate nutrition.

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