Apple Gears Up For The Third Store In India, Next In Mumbai’s Borivli By 2025

by Tejashee Kashyap
Apple Gears Up For The Third Store In India, Next In Mumbai’s Borivli By 2025

After Apple opened its first official store in Mumbai, India at the Jio World Drive Mall in the Bandra Kurla Complex area, it is all set to welcome its third store in India in the Borivli suburbs.  The first one of the batch, Apple’s first-ever India store in Mumbai followed by Saket in Delhi was a huge success.

Apple Is Getting Ready For Its Second Store In Mumbai

According to a Bloomberg article, Apple is putting a lot of effort into expanding its retail network in China and other Asian countries like India. The iPhone manufacturer also plans to update its current retail locations in the US and Europe.

According to the study, Apple Inc. plans to create 15 new stores by 2027, with five in Europe and the Middle East, four in the United States, and 15 in the Asia-Pacific area. Additionally, the business intends to renovate or move 13 locations in North America, nine stores in Europe, and six stores in Asia. Over the next four years, Apple is planning a total of 53 new, relocated, or refurbished shops.

Exclusively for the Indian market after the third one in Borivli, Apple will open its fourth location in India in 2026 at the DLF Promenade shopping centre in New Delhi. And again, the fifth shop in India would open in Mumbai’s Worli neighbourhood in 2027. As a result, Apple will have five stores offering Macs, iPhones, AirPods, and other items in India by the year 2027. Two of these stores will be in New Delhi, while three will be in Mumbai.

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The Stores Saw Record-Breaking Sales In The Country

These first two Apple stores in Delhi and Mumbai witnessed revenues in the area of ₹22-25 crore just a few months after the company’s CEO Tim Cook personally travelled to unveil its first-ever India outlets. It was also said to be any electronics business having the most income in the nation outside of the Diwali season. The sales record makes Apple BKC and Saket the two largest electronics retailers in India in terms of revenue.

Apple BKC saw sales of  ₹10 crores on its first day, a huge increase over the roughly 7-8 crores that a sizable electronic store brings in every month. On the day their doors were opened to Indian consumers, both businesses allegedly had foot traffic of over 6,000 individuals.

Although the Apple Saket location is smaller than the Mumbai location, both locations managed to generate comparable sales. It’s interesting to note that the firm pays ₹40 and ₹42 lakh rupees a year in rent for its locations in Mumbai and Delhi, respectively.

What do you think of these new Apple store expansions in India?

Cover image credits: Instagram/Jio World Drive