Apple’s Travel Mug Worth ₹16,542 & Has Tracking Features & Temperature Control; Will You Buy It?

apple travel mug
by Shreya Rathod

From iPhone to iPad, Apple has a variety of products and we can’t get enough of them! There has been a craze for Apple products among people across the world. And now they have introduced a smart travel mug, too! But this one is ridiculously expensive and the question is: ‘Is it even worth it?’ Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s travel mug.

Apple’s Travel Mug Has Temperature Control!


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After introducing several products, Apple is now selling a temperature-controlled Travel Mug 2+ by Ember. The Find My app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac now supports the temperature-controlled smart travel mug enabling users to track the location of the mug directly from their device. You can adjust it to the temperature you desire for sipping hot beverages. Your preferred drinking temperature is maintained by the built-in battery for up to 3 hours, or all day with the help of the accompanying charging coaster. And it’s quite simple to find!

But do you know its price? Well, this smart travel mug is for ₹16,542! Are you willing to spend so much money on a coffee mug?

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Will You Buy It?

Apple products are generally high-priced in comparison to the same products of different brands and companies. It is still understandable that electronic goods like smartphones and tablets are expensive. But a coffee mug with a tracking feature and temperature controller for more than ₹16,000, is it worth it?

The travel mug works more or less the same as a thermos that is cheaper in comparison to the Apple one. A Twitter user even asked whether you would actually spend ridiculous amounts of money on a coffee mug just to keep your drink warm. And how hard is it to locate your coffee mug?

Another user asked who decided to add Apple’s tracking support and sell that as an upgraded item. However, there are people eager to get their hands on this product.

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But we want to ask you, do you see this travel mug as a practical purchase? Or is this another one of those consumer goods that will end up in the storeroom?

Cover Image Courtesy: Ember/ Instagram & Rachna Srivastava/ Twitter