Mumbai’s Apple Retail Store: From Design To Innovation, All You Need To Know About It

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai’s Apple Retail Store: From Design To Innovation, All You Need To Know About It

Who doesn’t love to own an iPhone by Apple? And we are familiar with the company and its world-class products. India is one of the biggest markets for Apple as it offers untapped opportunities. Sales of iPhones, particularly those from earlier generations, which continue to be the key to reaching young customers, are surging, which is driving the growth. And it is opening its first retail store in Mumbai this week! Here’s everything you need to know about these new stores.

Apple To Open An Store In Mumbai

On Tuesday, Apple will open its first location in Mumbai, and on Thursday, it will open a second location in Delhi. The Jio World Drive Mall’s Mumbai outlet would have a total interior space of well over 22,000 square feet. The retail space is stunning, with a handcrafted triangular timber ceiling that rises over the glass façade and touches the underside of the outside canopy.

Apple claims that the 1,000 tiles that make up the ceiling are each manufactured from 408 pieces of wood, making 31 modules for each tile. In actuality, there are approximately 450,000 distinct pieces of wood that were all put together in Delhi. There are 100 employees working at the Mumbai location, and they all speak 20 different languages. They are prepared to greet clients from all around the world. Also, they are ready assist them in learning about Apple products and provide guidance on the best solutions to meet clients’ needs. A 14-metre stainless steel stairway connecting the ground floor and the cantilevered mezzanine welcomes guests, as do seating areas bordered by trees.

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Company’s Share In The Indian Market


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Apple has a reputation for maintaining a tight grip on the sales and distribution of its goods. Over 500 directly run stores are run by the corporation globally. Consumers in India previously had to purchase iPhones, iPads, and Macs from resellers, online, or while travelling abroad.

Establishing a presence in India enables companies like Apple to reach a larger audience of consumers. Given that 65% of Indians are under 35, the global consumer tech industry is becoming more and more dependent on India’s aspiring consumers to fuel growth. The launch of Apple’s retail outlets in India coincides with the company’s significant investment in growing its manufacturing footprint there.

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So, are you also eagerly waiting for the first Apple retail store?

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