Apple Plans To Open Its First India Store In Mumbai

by Mrunal Mahajan
Apple Plans To Open Its First India Store In Mumbai

Apple has plans on opening its very first store in India that too in Mumbai. The company has listed down on a few places in Mumbai for the store but they are not yet disclosed. By the introduction of this, the sales figures that have been on a decline will most definitely shoot up. This is one of their efforts to increase the market share by an actual store in India. This news will make Apple followers go crazy!

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Apple Inc has been struggling to survive in the Indian markets as the Chinese companies like Xaomi have a strong hold on the Indian market. The Oppo, Vivo and Mi phones have proved to but long-lasting, budget-friendly and durable which is why they are the most used by Indians.  The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook will now have more focus on Indian sales figures has it lost ground in China. China too has a lot of capable cell phone companies that provide similar features that too in cheaper rates. Tim said that “India is a very important market in the long term. It’s a challenging market in the short term, but we’re learning a lot. We plan on going in there with sort of all of our might.” inputs from Bloomberg.

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Currently, Apple has a market share of 1.2%  in India but plans to extend its market and become one of the prime companies for cell phones in India. The company is in talks with the Indian government for setting up a manufacturing center. This says two things, the cost of import on Apple products will reduce and people can buy them for a cheaper price. The second will be a rise in Apple products, mainly cell phones in India.

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I can’t wait to see the Apple Store in Mumbai! It is a whole different thing that I won’t buy anything from there, but I take pride in knowing that the store will be opening in Mumbai, where I live.