Apple Vehicles All Set To Explore The Streets Of Dubai For Data Collection This April

by Deeplata Garde
Apple Vehicles All Set To Explore The Streets Of Dubai For Data Collection This April

After RTA’s latest stint of driverless taxis, Apple has come forward to collect data on the streets of Dubai. Soon you would be able to spot Apple cars that would be roaming in the city as a part of Maps rebuild. Starting Monday, 24th April 2023, the cars would be surveyed in the Emirate as informed by the brand.

Apple Cars On Dubai Streets

PiC Creds: Wikimedia Commons

In order to completely reconstruct its global map over the past few years, Apple has logged millions of kilometres in vehicles outfitted with high-tech picture and LIDAR (remote sensing method—Light Detection and Ranging) collection technology.

Apple Maps is concentrating on scanning the emirate in the next few days. The streets of Dubai will be explored by vehicles loaded with equipment, while information on Dubai’s pedestrian-only zones will be gathered using backpacks that have been properly outfitted. The corporation is updating more nations each year, and the updated map has already been made available in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other places.

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Look Around!

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In a special interview with Khaleej Times, Apple provided thorough details about the survey. Apple is carrying out a global survey using vehicles in order to gather information for Apple Maps. This in turn is supporting the Look Around feature. Equipment fixed on the outside of the vehicles as well as iPhones, iPads, or other devices placed inside the vehicles may be used for vehicle surveys.

They stated that in order to keep the map accurate and up-to-date, they might periodically go back and gather data in some of those places. While conducting these surveys, Apple is committed to preserving your privacy. Faces and licence plates, for instance, will be removed from photographs displayed in Look Around by Apple.

Similar to this RTA recently underwent Data collection and road testing in Dubai with their driverless taxi, Cruise. Five automatic Chevy Bolt-based vehicles were used for these tasks. This action is a component of the RTA’s plan to support Dubai’s leadership position in the field of autonomous transportation and further the emirate’s goals of being the smartest city in the world.

We await further information on Apple’s Look Around feature update.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons