Dubai RTA’s Self-Driving Cabs Hit Jumeriah Roads To Collect Data & For Testing Purposes

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai RTA’s Self-Driving Cabs Hit Jumeriah Roads To Collect Data & For Testing Purposes

Dubai Roads & Transport Authority(RTA) announced the launch of self-driving cabs in 2023. And the news is coming into reality as Jumeirah 1 Roads noticed some cab testing and data collection happening. This proves that we are quite close to the launch date of these self-driving ride-hail services by Dubai RTA.

Dubai RTA Releases Cruise, Self-Driving Cabs On Jumeirah For Testing Purposes

Before the official launch, data collection from these Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicles is quite crucial. Why? For the smooth running of these services in the future. Also, to ensure its safety modes are fully operational and adaptive according to the signals of the Emirate. With the help of onboard lidars, radars, and cameras that can take pictures and data in a 360-degree field of view, the goal is to get the finest readings and data. Khaled Al Awadhi, director of Transportation Systems, at the  Public Transport Agency at RTA has made significant statements to support this news.
The first 10 self-driving Cruise taxis will only be able to travel within the boundaries of the Jumeirah region, thus pick-up and drop-off options are constrained to that area. The director states that the path is between the Etihad Museum and the Dubai Water Canal.
However, the route doesn’t restrict to one road. The 8 km stretch between the Etihad Museum and Dubai Water Canal begins from Sheikh Zayed Road to the beachside in Jumeirah. As a result, commuters will appreciate taking a driverless taxi when they visit La Mer Beach, Mercato Mall, Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk, Galleria Mall, and Box Park. It would be a convenient way for people to explore any of the many eateries and cafes along Jumeirah and Al Wasl roads.

Additionally, they can use autonomous vehicles to travel between the South Korean, Kenyan, or Moroccan consulates, as well as to the Four Seasons Resort, Mandarin Oriental, Dubai Ladies Club, Al Wasl Park, Iranian Hospital, or Canadian University Dubai.

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What Are The Benefits Of Deploying These Cab Services?

RTA plans to put out 4,000 self-driving automobiles by 2030. Dubai will be the first non-American city to commercialise Cruise self-driving vehicles as a result. The introduction of autonomous cars will reduce traffic jams, traffic accidents, and hazardous emissions.

This partnership between RTA and Cruise shows a shared commitment to creating cutting-edge, eco-friendly urban transportation solutions. It highlights the common objective of encouraging a broad transition to self-driving technology and encourages intelligent mobility. The introduction of more autonomous vehicles will strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading worldwide centre for cutting-edge smart mobility technology.

The Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicle’s specs, operating model, tracking of local activities, and incident reaction were all covered in a workshop organised by Cruise and RTA.

All combined endeavours and exchanging information and expertise were covered by the technical team from Cruise.  RTA fostered unity and ensured the best outcomes for the gathering of data phase. It will also aid in the ongoing advancement of the self-driving taxi service.

The RTA’s dedication to enhancing the well-being and safety of citizens, residents, and visitors is consistent. The implication of such initiatives which calls for investments in smart mobility and the use of cutting-edge technologies ensure continued efforts by Dubai RTA.

We can’t wait to hear the launch date of these self-driving cabs hitting the Dubai roads for utilization.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Media Office