Dubai RTA Is Building Rest Stops For Delivey Riders & It’s A Great Move!

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai RTA Is Building Rest Stops For Delivey Riders & It’s A Great Move!

Sometimes when you’re on your way, you might find delivery riders on the roadside, standing under a shade of a tree. But a lot of times, finding these places where they can catch their breath is a tough task. And keeping their daily struggle in mind, the Road and Transport Authority in Dubai announced its decision to construct three rest stops under its Rest Stop Project. And as anticipated, delivery riders across Dubai have welcomed this decision with a sigh of relief. Here’s more about this upcoming development in the Emirate.

Delivery Riders Across Dubai Hail The Move By RTA

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Delivery riders across Dubai are finding profound relief in the fact that they will now have designated spots where they can spend their hour-long break or the few spare minutes in between orders to catch their breath. Yes, as you all are probably well aware, these riders spend more than eight hours on the streets every day. As a result, it becomes quite a struggle to find a resting place since they are always on the move. So they are certainly hailing this move, as it will make things easier for them, especially in the summer. Did you know they became essential workers when the pandemic struck? Yes, the making of these rest stops will also add towards the safety of the delivery riders.

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About The Rest Stop Project

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The RTA has decided that these stations will be located in three spots, Sheikh Zayed Road near the Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali Village, Port Saeed next to Al Muraqabat Street 22, and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area II near Al Manama Street. The aim is to make things a tad bit easier for delivery riders by making essential services, such as maintenance, refuelling, rest areas, and restaurants available at these facilities. Not to mention, educational material about public safety and quality regulations will also be available here.

The plan is to construct both permanent and temporary rest stops for riders to meet the demand for the rapidly growing sector. Besides this, many initiatives were launched to enhance the safety of this sector. These include issuing professional rider certificates, holding workshops for riders regarding traffic laws, and Delivery Service Excellence Awards.

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