UAE Residents Can Fly For Dhs27 To Manila With This Low-Budget Airline

by Deeplata Garde

We are always digging airlines that have offers or discounts lined up for our travel plans to reach the stage of execution. And Cebu Pacific, the airline of the Philipines has a great deal to offer us. Emiratis & Filipinos, it’s time to get to packing your vacay suitcase as it’s a hard-to-deny deal we are about to disclose. Fly to Manila for just Dhs 27 with Cebu Pacific.

Book A Flight To Manila For Just Dhs 27

To commemorate the airline’s 27th birthday, the new deal was made public. The airline will mark its 27th birthday in March calling it PinaBongg Anniversary.

Filipinos and UAE citizens can book flights to Manila from March 6 through March 10 for as little as Dh27 one-way base cost, excluding certain fees and surcharges. The journey will take place between April 1 and September 30, 2023. On this route, the airline has 2 flights every day.

Travel Points collected before can be used by travellers to cover the cost of flights and other extras. Other payment methods, such as payment locations, credit or debit cards, and e-wallets, may also be utilised in addition to the Travel Fund. In March 2023, CEB plans to fully revert to its pre-Covid system and bandwidth. It now travels to 25 foreign and 34 Filipino locations, with routes covering Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

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Cebu Pacific Is Leading In The Philippines Aviation Market


Pic Creds: Cebu Pacific

With 19.72 million seats made available, Cebu Pacific (CEB) achieved a good 75.3% passenger fill factor. This shows their managing skills during the spike in demand. With 4.4 million passengers transported, a 6% rise in Q3, a strong fourth quarter aided Cebu Pacific to dominate the market. A major factor in the spike in traffic as the holiday season got underway was the relaxation of travel restrictions in popular countries like Thailand, South Korea, and Japan during the period. Long-haul routes also started to pick up steam, showing a 14% quarter-on-quarter growth, driven mostly by flights to Sydney and Dubai.

So if you were planning to take a quick vacation anytime soon on a budget, we can’t think of something better than this Manila vacation for now! But we are sure there might be many other plans to surf along.

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