Arab World’s Barbeque King Hattem Mattar Is Taking His Live-Fire Cooking Restaurant To Saudi

by Deeplata Garde
Arab World’s Barbeque King Hattem Mattar Is Taking His Live-Fire Cooking Restaurant To Saudi

The love for live-fire cooking has been a rage in UAE since Hattem Mattar expanded his business. And now is all set to bring the show to Saudi. UAE’s celebrated chef & barbeque king as they call him, Hattem has previously done a one-day cooking event in Riyadh but now this expansion is going to be a concrete one in the kingdom.

Arab’s First Pitmaster, Hattem Mattar Is Bringing His Business To Saudi

Get ready to be treated to some barbeque goodness as this Arab world’s Barbeque king will make you fall in love with the meat. The carnivores in the house are gonna be delighted to hear the expansion news of his kitchen.

Mattar is enthusiastic about his impending intentions to open a business in the Kingdom after having the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities there in December of last year. The largest brands in the city will be establishing themselves in Diriyah’s Bujairi area, according to Mattar’s announcement to the Arab World. He is very eager to prepare his own cuisine for the Saudi population.

People that are familiar with it from Dubai have shown a lot of interest in Saudi Arabia. He is therefore confident that after operating here, the shop would be successful. We can already see how excited people are, and we completely concur!

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The UAE Chef Has Been Invited To The Maldives

In the Maldives, Soneva Fush in the Baa Atoll and Soneva Jani in the Noonu Atoll have invited Hattem Mattar to demonstrate his distinctive live fire cooking technique in late April. This is a component of their Soneva Stars programme, which features a year-round schedule of renowned guest experts and distinctive events. He enjoys entertaining guests by cooking for them and showcasing his authentic flavours just as much as he believes that the locals would enjoy his kind of cuisine. He wishes to etch a beautiful memory in visitors’ minds regarding their experience to eat with him.

We have seen Hattem Mattar’s popularity in UAE and it’s not guess that his concept would be spreading like the live fire from his cooking.

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