As Tomato Prices Touch The Sky, These Hilarious Memes Make Us Touch The Floor As We Laugh On It

by Tooba Shaikh
As Tomato Prices Touch The Sky, These Hilarious Memes Make Us Touch The Floor As We Laugh On It

In case you didn’t know, the prices of tomatoes have risen significantly. Consumers across the country have been left in a state of shock as they try to come to terms with the prices of this household food item. And as you know, humour is one of the most popular coping mechanisms out there. Hence, the desi Netizens have taken the Internet by storm and have flooded social media with loads of hilarious memes.

Why Did the Hike In Price Occur?

Throughout the country, a hike in the price of tomatoes has occurred. Where this red “fruit” cost ₹20 to ₹30 per kilogramme, it now costs around ₹80 to ₹120. This means that the prices have more than doubled all of a sudden.

This sudden price hike might make you wonder why the sudden price rise. Well, a major part of the reason for this price rise is the rain. The rain has made it significantly more difficult and has affected supply. Another reason is also the shortage of farming.

According to an article recently published by NDTV, significantly fewer tomato seeds were planted this year. The heatwave also ended up affecting the yield of tomatoes this year. All these factors compounded and led to a shortage in supply, which in turn led to an increase in prices.

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Some Of The Best Memes On The Hike In Tomato Prices

The situation is quite tragic as many will struggle to acquire this particular essential. However, if there’s one thing that the internet can be trusted to do, is to convert tragedy into comedy. Here are some of our favourite memes that we saw regarding the tomato price hike.

Of course, Akshay Kumar’s Phir Hera Pheri memes had to be featured, given how iconic they are!

This iconic character has left us seething, but it might be the first time we’re laughing at him!

You could say that the price hike was not very “Welcome!”

Even Chhota Don knows enough to stock up on this precious commodity!

This meme is much too relatable!

Our salary remains the same but the prices of tomatoes keep growing!

The bougie feels you get when you buy tomatoes!

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that Usain Bolt? No, it’s the price of tomatoes!

Deepika slaying in memes as well!

And of course, this iconic scene!

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Which of these hilariously funny memes is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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