From Tomato Soup In Paper Glass To 1 Type Of Cheese, Vir Das’s Tweet Is Nostalgic For All ’90s Kids

by Shreya Ghosh
From Tomato Soup In Paper Glass To 1 Type Of Cheese, Vir Das’s Tweet Is Nostalgic For All ’90s Kids

There is something very special about reminiscing about our good old days with our loved ones. Flipping through the photo albums and sharing the stories of those photos is such a wholesome feeling. To make our childhood so memorable, food definitely played a huge role. No matter when we grew up, be it in the 90s or 2000s, different generations have special memories attached to food. Recently, Vir Das tweeted about such beautiful throwback foodie diaries from the 90s and it is making everyone reminisce about their childhood.

“If You Grew Up In The 90s”: Vir Das Shared A Special Tweet For 90s Kids!

The comedian tweeted a list of so many delicious food items that most 90s kids enjoyed during their childhood. From pasta to Maggi to hot and sour soup, so many of our favourite food items are mentioned in this special tweet.

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Here are some foodie anecdotes that Vir Das added to his tweet.

  • Soups in the 90s meant sweet corn soup and hot & sour soup.
  • Remember how tomato soup was served in a paper glass?
  • Now there are endless varieties of coffee served in cafes. But back then, coffee was only black, cold, and machine.
  • Only one type of cheese was used to make everything; pizza, Maggi, and toast.
  • Only red-coloured pasta was made.
  • There were only two milk options; whole milk and dahi.
  • Sugar-free meant food items with no sugar and those did not taste sweet.

Tweeple Are Feeling Nostalgic!

There are many fans and followers of Vir from the 90s and they are sharing their memories from the good old days under this tweet. From relating to the special tweet about all these food items to suggesting some from their childhood, Twitter users seem to be having a nostalgic time reading this tweet by Vir Das.

Shared on 7 June, the tweet has already garnered over 61K likes with tons of likes and comments. Here’s what they are tweeting!

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Are you a 90s kid or a Gen-Z? If you are a 90s kid and have many beautiful childhood memories to share, comment down below. We would love to read!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Vir Das (@virdas), Twitter/ Vir Das (@thevirdas)