Vir Das Takes Dig At Celebrities In Maldives Who Enjoy Floating Breakfasts In Pool

Vir Das
by Shreya Ghosh

The official Instagram account of Vir Das is hilarious. He often shares his takes and opinions on various things happening around us and the comedian-actor always seems to give the most unique responses. This time, he wrote a long post on how everyone travelling to the Maldives is indulging in floating breakfasts in the pool. His take on the whole scenario and experience of floating breakfasts is certainly something that none of us thought of before.

Vir Das Tooke A Dig At People Who Enjoy Floating Breakfasts In The Maldives

One of the most fascinating itineraries of everyone’s trip to the Maldives is the luxury villas and floating breakfast. All of us who have not been to the Maldives yet often dream about living this experience. In fact, it is one of the most touristy things to do while travelling here. Well, after watching the long post of Vir Das on his Instagram account, we might not dream of this floating breakfast experience as something so alluring. Was it a dig on celebrities in the Maldives? Well, we will never know.

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The comment section is as hilarious as the post. His fans love his satirical comedy. A fan commented ‘😭😭 man woke up and chose violence’ while another comment is ‘If my constant meaningless thoughts throughout the day about random stuff, had a voice – it would look like this! 🙈🙈’. In fact, it was a reality check for a fan as she commented ‘If ever there was a reality check…’. It seems like a lot of people are relating to this post.

The Comedian-actor is now under quarantine and he uploaded this long post during his quarantine period. He shared a post on Instagram and informed his fans that he tested positive for Covid-19. Vir Das was supposed to be in Gujarat for his show but now the plan got cancelled as his RTPCR test resulted positive.

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