Asian Destinations See Fully Booked Flights, Clogged Highways Due To Lunar New Year Festivities

Destinations like South Korea, Vietnam and more witnessed clogged highways, and fully booked flights.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Asian Destinations See Fully Booked Flights, Clogged Highways Due To Lunar New Year Festivities

Lunar New Year celebrated in many Asian nations like South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and more has peaked travel and even clogged highways. Residents have booked flights back home to celebrate the one-week-long Lunar New Year holiday. Here’s what you need to know about travelling for a holiday to any of these Asian nations now.

Lunar New Year Festivities See Clogged Highways In South Korea

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A report by the Hindustan Times states that travel has hit a peak thanks to the Lunar New Year festivities in Asian nations. Thus festival commences with the first new moon of the lunar calendar. And 15 days later, it ends on the first moon. The holiday is mostly celebrated between late January and mid-February as it follows the cycles of the moon. On this day, people burst firecrackers, give kids red envelopes stashed with cash and prepare special food that honour their deities.

Nations like China and Taiwan witnessed fully booked flights. Residents travelled all the way home to celebrate the New Year with their loved ones. In South Korea, there were highways clogged for hours as millions of people began driving out of the densely populated Seoul to visit their relatives. Royal palaces and other tourist regions in South Korea were packed. Visitors wore the country’s traditional attire, “hanbok”, a flowing robe.

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Domestic Flights In Vietnam Fully Booked

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As per VN Express, the Civil Aviation Authority stated that 90 per cent of domestic flights were booked. On the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, between Feb 1 and Feb 9, Vietnam’s domestic flights had high booking rates. Hanoi to Vinh route flights were 99 per cent booked. Whereas flights of the HCMC-Hue route were 92 per cent booked. This is Vietnam’s biggest holiday of the year where a massive number of people went on vacations or travelled back to their hometowns for family reunions.

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Well, folks, did you do something special for the Lunar New Year? Moreover, are you rescheduling your plans to Asian destinations to avoid crowds?

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