Sip Tea From Unique Coconut Shell Cups At This Beachside Tea Stall In Chennai

by Suchismita Pal
Sip Tea From Unique Coconut Shell Cups At This Beachside Tea Stall In Chennai

Simple businesses can turn out to be successful when pulled off with quirk. That’s what budding lyricist Dheena had wanted for his tea-selling business. He had started his small tea shop six months ago on the gorgeous Marina beach in Chennai. But Marina beach is a popular location and there are many tea shops dotted around the coastline that sell piping hot tea in paper cups or plastic cups. So, Dheena decided to be different. Leveraging his creativity, he started selling tea in cups made out of coconut shells. These cups look no lesser than designer crockery pieces and are shaped like an ice cream bowl.

Chennai tea stall
Picture Credits: The Hindu

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The Coconut Shell Cups Are Eco-Friendly Too

Soon, Dheena’s tea shop started gaining attention, thanks to his unique approach. According to The Hindu report, Dheena also employed some people for making the special coconut shell cups. Every day, around 60 to 70 cups are utilised in the shop for selling tea and coffee. The coconut shell cups are not only unique but are eco-friendly too. By recycling the coconut shells, Dheena is helping in better waste management too.

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He Sells Black Coffee At Just ₹1 Per Cup

Dheena ensures that his beverages are accessible to all sections of people, from the rich to the poor. Thus, he sells one of his favourite beverages, black coffee, at just ₹1 per cup on Mondays. In other words, black coffee lovers can enjoy happy hours at Dheena’s stall every Monday. He is also planning to launch two more outlets at Purasawalkam and Pammal.