Astronauts Make Fries In Space For The 1st Time & They Taste Out Of This World, Literally!

by Tooba Shaikh
Astronauts Make Fries In Space For The 1st Time & They Taste Out Of This World, Literally!

Listen, fries are love. They are an example of how the simplest of ingredients can make the most comforting and tasty snack of all time. And if you’re thinking, man I would do anything to have fries right about now, you’re not alone. In fact,  scientists craved fries so badly that astronauts on the International Space Station or the ISS came up with a brand new method of making fries in space! Love, or should we say fries, are truly a powerful motivator!

Astronauts Make Fries In Space For The First Time Ever

We might not know who the first person to invent fries was, but we do know who the first people to ever make fries in space are! A bunch of astronauts just came up with a way to fry potatoes in space. The European Space Agency or the ESA recently took to its Instagram account and shared all the details.

On the 19th of June, they posted a reel on the popular social media platform highlighting how they went about frying potatoes in space. A woman explains the process in the reel by saying that if you tried to make french fries on Jupiter, they would probably taste much better than they do here on Earth.

The reason, she explains, is that Jupiter has three times more gravity than Earth. When scientists, using a centrifuge which created the artificial effect of that strong gravity, made fries, they found that they tasted way better.

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Making Fries In Zero-Gravity

fries in space
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

The experiment with Jupiter made scientists wonder how fries made in zero gravity might taste. They hypothesized that without gravity, the bubbles that usually rise up owing to buoyancy would just stick to the fries. This would create a steam barrier and prevent the fries from cooking.

However, when they tried frying potatoes in parabolic flights that reproduce the zero gravity effect, scientists found that the bubbles still floated to the top! This means fries in space could be a reality someday!

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)