Atul Kulkarni: My Businessman Father Was Never Confident About My Profession

Atul Kulkarni’s father thought acting was just his hobby and not a full-fledged profession.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Atul Kulkarni: My Businessman Father Was Never Confident About My Profession

Atul Kulkarni holds two National Awards for Best Supporting Actor! On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, he explored Girgaon’s food places with our anchor, Arohi Thatte. We specifically focused on food items that were from the Maharashtrian cuisine and he enjoyed it very much. While conversing about his food habits, travel and Maharashtra, he shared that his father was really against him being an actor. 

Atul Kulkarni Said That His Father Wasn’t Confident About His Acting As A Profession

While we were waiting for our food at Vinay Health Home, Atul Kulkarni told us that he came from a business family background. He shared that his entire family was very worried about him walking down the pathway of acting, for his career. Especially his father. He was never confident about acting as a profession for him.

Atul Kulkarni shared that this perception of his father never changed till the time he was alive. He had done a considerable amount of films till then. Still, his father wasn’t confident enough because he thought Atul was just following his “hobby” of acting and not as a profession. There are many people out there who turn their hobbies into a successful career and this man is one of them. Are you one of them?

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He Did Work With His Father For A While

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Firstly, Atul Kulkarni revealed to us that before becoming a successful actor, he had a brief career as an insurance agent. No, that was not a part of his hobby. He was an insurance agent temporarily and worked here as a side hustle during his early theatre days. 

He said that he even handled his father’s company and that he was paid in cash. This was also his first pay in the form of cash which was ₹350 a month and he was paid this amount for helping out in his father’s business. We are so glad he took up acting as a profession and we get to witness his talent on the big screens. 

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