Aussies, Get $300 By Taking A Day Off Work This Friday & Start Summer With A Long Weekend!

Aussies, you can earn $300 by taking a day off work on Friday! Better Beer is organising 'Day For It Day' and here's all about it.

by Shreya Rathod
Aussies, Get $300 By Taking A Day Off Work This Friday & Start Summer With A Long Weekend!

Who doesn’t like to start their weekend early after a week of tiring work? And what if you were being paid to take a day off work and start your weekend early? Well, anyone would be thrilled! So, Aussies, here’s how you can earn $300 by taking a day off work on Friday and starting your summer early!

Aussies, Get $300 By Taking A Day Off On Friday


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In honour of the arrival of summer, social media influencers, The Inspired Unemployed, will give fifty fortunate Australians $300 so they may take the day off work and enjoy a long weekend. Getting paid to spend the day at one of Sydney’s top beaches is an offer that seems quite enticing to us, and it’s on behalf of their own beer brand, Better Beer.

The start of summer is this Friday, December 1. Matt Ford and Jack Steele, former tradies who became social media megastars and pioneers of beer, have teamed up with the incessantly entertaining weatherman Tim Bailey to forecast a “Day For It”.

They’ve promised to pay 50 people a whopping $300 to take the day off work and extend the first weekend of summer in order to urge Australians to make the most of the first day of summer. A one-time, tax-free payment will be given as compensation for experiencing the summer spirit in the purest, most inspired form—that is, at the bar. Note: They will not be held liable for any ensuing unemployment.

You must provide video proof of you and your supervisor attesting to the fact that you will be taking Friday off work to celebrate the changing of the seasons in order to be eligible. First, come, best dressed is how it should be, so we advise you to hurry into your manager’s office as soon as possible to enjoy a cash-up Friday with a beer in hand.

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What Is A Better Beer Brand?


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Australians are eager to spend money on their favourite beverages, thus The Inspired Unemployed, a comedy pair that created a zero-sugar, zero-carb beer brand, Better Beer. Since the June and September quarters are typically slower for the business, the company’s performance in the upcoming quarter will be keenly monitored, as the brand is crucial to the company’s success.

Along with Nick Cogger, a conscious drink enthusiast, they have created this beer brand and it is growing! The question was: ‘What can you do to make it better?’ The answer was straightforward: take out the bad and increase the good. Thus, they joined forces to form the Better Beer Company, and together they bottled the ultimate “Oprah Tinfrey” and produced their ideal beer—a crisp lager that they refer to as the “crispiest beer in the world.”

According to Matt Ford, they have wanted their own beer brand just like every Australian. And since there aren’t many zero-carb beers, they decided to create it and launch this healthier version of your regular beer.

The brand organises several events and one of them is the “Day For It Day”, where you earn by taking a day off work!

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So, Aussies are you ready to take a day off on Friday?

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